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Successful Assistants Combine Left and Right Brain Thinking

Several years ago, I introduced the concept of Adminology, a formula for success for assistants. This concept, which I continue to teach in our World Class Assistant certification and designation course, is timeless and increasingly relevant in today’s dynamic work environment. Just bear with me as I explain this to you, as it will all come together. Assistants should apply the Adminology formula to achieve better outcomes.

The Essence of Adminology: Art + Science = Success

A World Class Assistant employs a creative and logical approach to daily tasks and projects. By accessing both left and right-brain thinking, they gain a broader perspective, leading to better decisions and outcomes. Adminology is about leveraging both sides of the brain to be more effective, make better decisions, and stretch our thinking to incorporate a fuller range of our brain’s capabilities.

Left-Brain Thinking: The Science Side

  • Logic
  • Order
  • Structure
  • Scientific approach
  • Rules
  • Analytical
  • Methodical

Right-Brain Thinking: The Art Side

  • Intuition
  • Sensitivity
  • Artistic perspective
  • Free-flowing ideas
  • Imagination
  • Non-verbal cues

Practical Applications in Daily Tasks

Consider the task of meeting planning or calendaring for your executive. This task, often perceived as straightforward, actually holds layers of complexity that require a harmonious blend of both analytical and creative thinking. Using both sides of the brain, you engage in a multifaceted approach.

From the Art Side:

  • Intuitively Understand Preferences: Use your intuition to gauge your executive’s preferred meeting times and styles. For instance, if they are more energetic in the mornings, schedule critical meetings during this time.
  • Creatively Manage Overlapping Schedules: When faced with conflicting appointments, employ creative problem-solving to find alternative solutions, such as suggesting a virtual meeting or adjusting the agenda to accommodate key participants.
  • Embrace Flexibility: Stay open to last-minute changes, using your adaptability to rearrange schedules without causing disruption. This involves thinking on your feet and finding quick, effective solutions.

From the Science Side:

  • Logical Scheduling: Analyze the executive’s schedule logically, ensuring there’s a balance between meetings, work time, and breaks. Avoid overbooking and consider travel time and preparation periods.
  • Efficient Use of Technology: Utilize calendaring tools and software efficiently, setting reminders and employing features like time-zone conversions for international meetings.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Keep track of meeting outcomes and feedback to inform future scheduling. This could involve noting which meeting formats or times yield the most productive results.

Art and Science with a Dose of Optimization

In our World Class Assistant course, we emphasize the importance of optimization in Adminology. This concept revolves around enhancing what you already excel at and making it function at its best. Optimization is not just about improving skills; it’s about elevating your entire approach to work by maximizing the potential of both sides of your brain.

Art Side Optimization

  • Be visionary and imagine the future.
  • Picture what you want your future to be, focusing on possibilities.
  • Dare to take big steps and be bold.
  • Write your mission statement, and stop listening to naysayers.
  • Verbalize your future and use positive speech.

Science Side Optimization

  • Map out a plan and identify steps to achieve your goals.
  • Forecast barriers and plan to work around them.
  • Write a timeline and assess your progress.
  • Write out your goals and plan for them.
  • Discipline yourself to learn the process of achievement.

Bringing It All Together

Adminology is not just a concept but a practical approach to professional development and success. By combining the art and science of our profession with a focus on optimization, we can elevate our careers and productivity to new heights. This approach is about more than just balancing creativity with logic; it’s about harnessing the full potential of our capabilities as administrative professionals.

As you apply these principles, remember that it may seem like work at first. However, like any other habit, it will become a part of your work life, leading to significant improvements in your performance and satisfaction in your role.

What Your Peers are Saying About World Class Assistant

“I’ve attended many administrative training programs, but this is by far the most focused, detailed, and informative one. I feel that I’ve stepped up to a new level in my career by attending this program.”
– Johanna Viteri, CWCA

“Of all the programs offered by other training companies that I’ve attended, World Class Assistant was much more comprehensive and intense. This program is head and shoulders above the rest!”
– Jennie Forcum, CWCA

“Very valuable and ‘real life’ knowledge was taught and shared. Excellent team building exercises. Informal, yet professional environment which encouraged participants by all attendees.”
– Cheryl Havsman, CWCA


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