travel without the tab

Travel Without the Tab

It’s awesome to be an administrative professional because you sometimes get to travel without the tab. 

Often, assistants travel to attend their leader’s special team meetings; help with site visits in preparations for meetings; be involved in a major company event where you need to travel; attend corporate board meetings and more.  During my 20 year career, I traveled to some places that were fun, interesting, exotic, and breathtaking. Needless to say, it was more enjoyable to travel without the tab.

In my early days, I worked at an association and planned the annual meetings and was able to do the site visits before the actual event.  The association always selected high-end hotels.  It was fun to be able to travel and not have to pay for it!  Usually, I was given the best accommodations in the hotel because I was considered an event planner and they wanted to show off their best rooms.  I also use to do food tastings to select special meals for top executives.  Again, all the expense of my employer.

In one of my roles, my executive belonged to a very nice country club where we often held meetings with his direct reports.  I was able to attend and participate in those meetings. When I look back, I was able to experience many beautiful places because of the executives I worked with or because of the organization in which I worked. This broadened my horizon.  Have you had similar experiences? 

Have you been able to go to any really cool places because of who you work with?


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2 thoughts on “Travel Without the Tab”

  1. I have been fortunate as an assistant to have traveled the world as an Assistant and Board Secretary – visiting Europe, Japan, Hawaii and many other wonderful cities around the United States but the best part about the experience is being able to meet people where they are and learn about different cultures and environments that only enriches my professional and personal background and experience.

  2. Love Being an Executive Assistant

    I am also very fortunate to have been able to go to some great hotels and restaurants as part of my job as an executive assistant. Mostly local in the Napa and Sonoma valleys which of course included great wine but have also helped host several meetings in Las Vegas and San Francisco.

    The meetings are always a lot of work but it is worth it as I have been able to experience stays in rooms I’d never be able to afford on my own.

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