Own Your Career, Build a Professional Development Plan

January-WebinarYour career should be a work in progress whether you are climbing the corporate ladder or staying in your current position and wanting to increase your effectiveness.

There is a difference between having an occupation and a career. In an occupation, you are stagnant. A career is taken seriously; you continually seek out ways to grow and improve. An occupation is short term; it is drudgery, draining and just something you do until something better comes along. A profession is taken seriously and you seek growth. If you have made the administrative profession your chosen career, then keep reading.

Fortunately in today’s world you have many options to choose from when it comes to your education and professional development. When I founded Office Dynamics in 1990, there were very few companies who offered specialized training for administrative support staff and executive assistants. We did not have all the wonderful technology to offer online courses and webinars. There is no excuse to not develop yourself [Read more…]

Why I think we should kill multitasking.

Kill multitasking! Juggle with precision focus.

Kill multitasking! Juggle with precision focus.

As I perform seminars throughout North America in every kind of business you can think of, I often encounter people who are proud that they can multitask. I have been engaged in this topic and spoken on it for the past few years. What about you? Do you regularly multitask, such as reading e-mails while someone is talking to you on the telephone? Or you watch a webinar while working on your executive’s project?

Many people in our society boast about being a great multitasker. Yet, there are volumes (and that is putting it mildly) of research on the negative effects of multitasking. [Read more…]

Inspiring Administrative Excellence Since 1990

Celebrating 25 Years I am so excited to kick off 2015 with a bang for many reasons. One big reason is I am feeling great and healthy. Second is because Office Dynamics will be celebrating its’ 25th year anniversary all year long and boy, do we have surprises for you! So please take 2 minutes to read today’s Monday Motivator. It is a special message and I don’t want you to miss one word.

25 years! What have you done almost non-stop for 25 years? Maybe you have been married for 25 years; maybe you have worked in the same profession for 25 years; some of you have even worked at the same employer for 25 years; and many of you have lived in the same house or same city for 25 years.

Do you know what? I can’t say that about a lot of things. While I grew up in Ohio and lived there into my mid-20s, I did move away and have been gone ever since. I have lived in 8 states, not one of them more than 15 years (Las Vegas)! I was married 34 years before my husband’s passing away; and have been a mom for more than 30 years. But there aren’t a lot of things in life I can say I have loved and devoted my life to and been as passionate about as being a visionary for the administrative profession. I have embraced and dedicated my life to being a champion for specialized administrative training and coaching and inspiring excellence in administrative and executive assistants at every level in an organization. [Read more…]

Is office technology taking admin jobs?

Is office technology playing more and more of your admin role?


[Read more…]

There Are No Limits For Assistants

Celebrating 25 YearsExecutive and administrative assistants can accomplish anything their heart desires today. 2015 will mark the 25th Year Anniversary of Office Dynamics and I am excited because I have seen so many good changes in the profession since I started my business—a business that grew out of a passion about a career I loved for 20 years and because I saw a gap in specialized, robust training for executive and administrative assistants. I wanted to improve the quality of work life for assistants of all levels and we have accomplished that. [Read more…]

Christmas Gifts for Assistants


Joan_Burge_Books_For_AssistantsIT’S NOT TOO LATE! Are you scrambling to figure out what to buy that wonderful person who supports you throughout the entire year—through thick and thin? Are you wondering what to get your executive or administrative assistant for Christmas that might have meaning and expresses your appreciation more than a poinsettia plant? [Read more…]

Is Job Hopping Still Frowned Upon?

MENLO PARK, Calif., Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Job hopping may be losing its bad reputation, at least among the youngest generation of U.S. workers, a new Accountemps survey suggests. Fifty-seven percent of employees between the ages of 18 and 34 said changing jobs every few years can actually help their career, compared to 38 percent of professionals between the ages of 35 and 54 and 22 percent of those age 55 or older. There were also differences by gender, with 47 percent of men and 37 percent of women reporting that job hopping is beneficial. [Read more…]

Living The BIG Life Principles

I am celebrating finishing a year of Monday Motivators which focused on a 12-month theme of “2014-The Year of BIG.” I’m wondering how many of you were reached with my BIG Life principles. I am curious if I clearly communicated what I mean by a “BIG Life.”

Each month this year, I focused on a different aspect of BIG Life. Themes included BIG: Thoughts (Jan); Goals (Feb); Energy (March); Focus (April); Learning (May); Staying Power (June); Change (July); Action (August); Choices (September); October—(I took a little break); Resilience (November); Celebration (December). If you missed any of these issues, you can find them on the Office Dynamics Blog and view my videos on my Joan Burge BIG Life YouTube Channel.

I want to give you a special gift as the year ends. Here are some core principles on living a BIG Life from my book, Give Yourself Permission to Live a BIG Life.

BIG Life Principles

  • The depth and breadth of your life is more important than the number of years you live.
  • You are designed for greatness. Are you allowing yourself to become all you were destined to be?
  • Be grateful every day—not just when life is going your way. Every single day we can find several things for which to be grateful. These should be written in a special journal at the end of the day before you turn out the light. It will help you sleep better! This practice is especially important when you have had a rough day.
  • A BIG Life is supported by 5 Pillars.

[Read more…]

This Week Only: Free Book


Office Dynamics International has been serving the Administrative Profession for 24 years (since 1990). Our team collectively began to wind down the year and talk about all that’s happened over the years, in the profession, in our own lives, and in the lives of the many we’ve come to know – as we did this, we experienced a wave of emotion.  If you’ve known us for any length of time, you know, a lot has happened in these last 24 years. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014 and head into 2015, Office Dynamics International plans to celebrate our 25th year in very big ways! We can’t tell you too much about that right now – except this – as a precursor to this momentous occasion we’re doing something very special this week only. [Read more…]

BIG Celebration! Celebrate Who You Are!


This week I encourage you to . . .

  • Celebrate WHO you are.
  • Celebrate WHERE you are in your life.
  • Celebrate WHAT you have.

I have been in the personal growth and development industry for 25 years (as of 2015), I know that we put emphasis on developing new skills; assessing our skill gaps and taking courses that make us smarter and better at our jobs; setting goals in various aspects of our life. I have believed in all those things since 1970 when I graduated from High School. [Read more…]