Strategies for Thriving Through Change

Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of change? Look around you. What’s changed over the years? Look in front of you! At the very device you are using to read this very message! A lot of change had to take place to get us where we are today and a lot of change will continue to take place each and every day in every life across the globe.

I have been speaking on the topic of Change since 1990.  I have 12 Powerhouse Strategies for Thriving on Change and want to share 3 of my top strategies for thriving on change with you today.

These strategies for thriving on change will work whether the change is personal or professional; whether you are being forced to change or you are initiating the change.

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Top Strategies for Thriving On Change

Anticipate and Prepare – This dynamic duo is a great beginning point. Incorporate the habit of keeping your ears and eyes open to what’s going on around you at all times. This attentive nature paired with preparation is going to have others saying “It seems you are prepared for everything! You’re certainly on top of your game!”  Anticipate the direction things are going and what might occur along the way. For example, when your organization decides on using a new software program do you wait for them to install it at your desk or do you proactively begin searching for information on the program – the ups and downs of the program and how to troubleshoot through any hiccups? Anticipation is the awareness that the change is coming and preparation is educating and equipping yourself before the change occurs.

Visualize – In its simplest form there are two ways to look at change. One person may look at the uncertainty of what’s to come with the change and see danger while the other person may see opportunity. We, as human beings, tend to focus on the danger and we get caught up in our fear. I advise you to choose to focus on the opportunity of change and visualize success. When you’re going through something extremely difficult and you just don’t see how any good can come of it – my challenge to you is to focus on the lesson of the experience. It won’t be easy but it’s absolutely necessary to stay focused on the opportunity of change.

Get Support – It’s really hard to go through change on our own. Get support from your family and friends. I like to call these people my “Inner Circle.” I must caution you that if you have a friend or family member around that impresses their doubts and fears on you, you won’t want to lean on them for support.  I have a really great friend who I love to be around. She’s very active and also owns her own business. We’ve been through a lot together. I know I can count on her because she always has a “Life is Good” attitude no matter what is going on in her life or how challenging things are. We inspire each other.

Watch this week’s video for a 4th strategy!

As they say, the only thing that is certain is change. So it’s incredibly important that we understand how to effectively cope with change and that we hold strategies to manage ourselves through change. No matter what type of change you’re in the midst of right now, know that we have faith in you, we’re here for you and we are visualizing your success through the change.


These are just a few of my top strategies for thriving on change. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below and let’s talk about what we can do to effectively manage ourselves through change.

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I’ll share a little secret with you. I’ve owned Office Dynamics since 1990. We specialize in professional training, development and information for administrative professionals and their executives. It has not always been an easy road. In fact, there were several times where sheer staying power pushed us through challenging times. I would tell myself over and over “I will win!” [Read more...]

Office Dynamics International Celebrates 24 Years!

Founded by CEO Joan Burge, Office Dynamics International reached its 24th year of providing the most trusted certification and training systems for peak performance of administrative professionals. Their nearly quarter century of experience has allowed them to identify critical new trends in human capital management.

Office Dynamics International, the global leader in training and certification for administrative and executive assistants, today announced their 24th anniversary of advancing the professionalism and performance of top administrative professionals, and outlined two notable rising trends in human resources best practices.

With their deep experience offering training, certification, coaching and educational resources for high performing companies such as Cisco Systems, The Boeing Company, Humana Inc., Procter & Gamble, and Chevron Corporation, Office Dynamics International has seen tremendous change in learning and organizational development practices in the global workforce, with two key talent management trends emerging to the forefront.

The first trend is the understanding that executive productivity relies on skillful administrative support. While executive productivity is often cited as a chief concern of human capital and HR leaders, the professional development of their support staff hasn’t always registered on the agenda. Increasingly, best-in-class organizational productivity programs are now positioning the certification and training of executive assistants as a critical component.

The second trend identified is the expansion of succession planning best practices to include top administrative professionals. While many talent management leaders focus on their management team when considering succession planning, high-performing organizations are increasingly recognizing risk in the sometimes-overlooked administrative workforce.

“With 80% of executive assistants nearing retirement age, succession planning for these vital executive support professionals is critical,” said Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International. “Our training and certification programs are the most trusted resources for this key category of human capital management.”

“At this significant milestone in the evolution and growth of Office Dynamics International, I am both grateful and excited that FORTUNE 500 organizations are increasingly recognizing how administrative and executive assistants are vital to organizational effectiveness and performance,” Burge continued. “For nearly a quarter century, we’ve been training and certifying peak-performing administrative professionals, while serving as advocates to position the administrative path as a distinguished career of choice.”

In celebration of their 24th year, Office Dynamics International is offering a limited-time 24% discount on educational resources for administrative and executive assistants, including books, CDs, DVDs, and online courses.

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About Office Dynamics International

Since 1990, Office Dynamics International has been the global leader in the development of sophisticated executive and administrative assistant training, certification, coaching and resources. They offer a broad range of solutions that create behavior change and produce sustainable results. Office Dynamics’ expertise in the administrative training industry is unparalleled, and is complemented by a unique line of premier educational products that boost success for employers and enterprising administrative professionals, secretaries, and support staff. Office Dynamics’ quest to provide extraordinary career-changing educational programs has earned the respect of elite clients including Cisco Systems, The Boeing Company, Humana Inc., Procter & Gamble, Nationwide Insurance, Kindred Healthcare, and Chevron Corporation.