the power of the color red

The Power Of The Color Red

While February is the month of red, I love red all year round. Do you know the power of the color red?

Many of you know I wear red lipstick daily and red is one of our key corporate colors, along with black, white and silver. Yes, I even have red in my house.

There is power in the color red.

Red lip color means you’re willing to stand by your every word. Red lipstick is iconic; it is a powerful statement of feminine vitality and a positive outlook.

Red is elemental-the color that literally makes your heart beat faster. In China, red is associated with good luck and fortune. To the Hindu, red symbolizes joy, life, energy and creativity. Red is the highest arc of the rainbow.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing red or having a red item in their environment. But everyone can picture red and use it as a visual for empowerment. In my book, Give Yourself Permission to Live a BIG Life, I have a chapter on Red Lipstick ON! This is a mantra you can use when you feel challenged, discouraged, overwhelmed, stressed or tackling a big project at work. May it become your clarion call to courage, power and passion.

You might want to consider a splash of red in your office for a boost of energy; or in your car to keep you awake. Maybe display a red flower or two at home. When you are in a team or department meeting, bring in an item that is red to stimulate creativity and energy.

If you are not used to red, at first, it will seem uncomfortable or project an aura of standing out. But remember the positive references (above) associated with the color red.

Also, since February is health heart awareness for women, may red also symbolize the need to take care of our hearts through cardio. Maybe for the rest of this month, you can commit to some type of cardio for at least 20 minutes every day; 30 minutes is ideal. If you are a male reading this, maybe you can be a walking partner or cardio workout partner for your female partner or friend.

Thank you, Monday Motivators for reading this month’s e-zine with emphasis on taking care of our hearts. While that might seem like a “personal” thing, it definitely affects us professionally. If you love your career and you want to be able to work, you must take care of your heart.

Have an awesome last week of February. Oh, by the way, this is leap year. There will be one more (bonus) Monday Motivator for February.

Joan Burge

P.S. Show us how you’re incorporating the power of the color red into your work and life today. Tag us with #ODIred on your favorite social platform. Share your stories in the comments below.

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