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Assistant Recommended Apps for Travel

Thanks to an extremely helpful resource for administrative professionals called Officepal, I have been inspired to gather and share with you favorite apps that myself and fellow assistant peers are in love with right now! All this information is waiting in the palm of your hand and it has the power to make travel for yourself or your leader so much easier!

Please note: There are many suggestions for apps and you’ll find a few of the suggested apps do similar things. Pick one you like and stick with it. This will allow you to get to know the features of the app. When you want to access that tool again, it will be top of mind. Too many apps that do virtually the same thing will cause confusion and unnecessarily eat up space on your mobile device.


Best Apps for Travel Recommended by Assistants

Whether you travel often or your executive does these apps will make your lives much easier by increasing your productivity and ease your travel woes.


Free. Mobile travel planning made easy. Flight, hotel, cars, flight tracking and itinerary management. Reviews are positive, four star ratings.


Free. Find restaurants, dentists, bar, salons even doctors wherever you are! This is a great help in locating the type of business you are searching for and often times only a few blocks away.

SeatGuruSeat Guru by Trip Advisor

Free. Booking for a traveler who prefers a certain seat or section of the plane? Find your ideal seat as well as low airfare and get real-time flight alerts. Seat maps along with amenity information on your flight can all be found here.

Best ParkingBest Parking

Free. Find the best daily and monthly parking garages and lots in North American Cities & Airports.


Free. Your own private driver at the push of a button. Available in more than 50 cities and 20 countries. Be careful, while I love this service unsettling reports have me uncertain I’d use it in some cities.


Free. A complimentary travel organizer. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to [email protected] and they “automagically” create a detailed daily itinerary for every trip. For an assistant managing a team of travelers this could “automagically” make your job a lot easier!

Open TableOpen Table

Free. Easily make reservations with a selection of over 20,000 restaurants in the US, Canada and Mexico. You can find great restaurants, open tables and even earn reward points for each reservation. Say your executive asks you to set up reservation for a client dinner, with this app you’ll have the task settled in less than minutes.


Free. Visa and Passport Services for people who need this kind of information often (like an assistant who manages international travel for their executive or team.) Assistants who use this service said it’s the place to go when you need a Visa and have a short turn-around time.


.99 An accurate and fun to look at weather app that give you more details about humidity, cloud cover, wind chill and more. For those who need a lot of weather detail before and during travel, this is a great addition to your app drawer.


Free. Find cheap flights fast. They tout themselves for comprehensive coverage where you can search millions of flights from 1,000 airlines around the world – both low-cost and scheduled – to find the perfect flights at the cheapest price. Then buy tickets directly from the airline or via a travel agent – all in a few taps.


Free. Waze is a fun, community based mapping, traffic & navigation app, 70 million strong. Join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic, save time & gas money, and improve everyone’s daily commute.


Free. I use Voxer when I am in another country like a walkie-talkie to communicate with my family. You can send recorded messages and when you are connected to wifi your message will be sent through. Photo, video and 2-way chat makes checking in without hefty fees a breeze. You don’t have to be out of the country to enjoy this fun app!

BONUS: For International Travel – Language Assistance

JibbigoJibbigo (iOS only)

Free – Paid (for offline version). I love that I can speak right into my phone and have the phrase translated instantly within this app. There are so many languages to choose from, it makes me want to break out my Passport and hit the road! You can download and offline version so that you actually use this app when traveling without incurring high fees for being online.

Google TranslateGoogle Translate

Free. I use this one to communicate online with friends in other countries. We used it so much after our team returned from Peru we thought we’d break it. Simple & effective.


Free. Language tutor. Tired of using the translator app? Learn a new language by setting some time aside in your schedule each day to learn via this interactive app. My husband and daughter are using this app right now to learn Spanish!


What are your favorite apps for travel?

Please share in the comments below what your favorite apps for travel are.


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