Why Continued Learning Is Important

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What a beautiful time of year for all of us to enjoy. Spring should be in full bloom for those of you who live in the Midwest and East. I love to see trees and flowers come into full bloom. What about you? Are you coming into your fullness through learning and growing? Are you further ahead in your knowledge than you were 3 months ago? 6 months ago? One year ago?   What has been your greatest stretch in terms of learning and development? How many books have you read since January? What new information have you gained? And what is on your upcoming list?

In this issue, I want to talk about:

  1. Why BIG learning is important.
  2. The definition of BIG learning.

We live in a supersonic world of constant change. What we knew yesterday isn’t necessarily true today. Information comes at us faster than the speed of light. If you are in the workplace, competition is far and deep and your organization relies on you to be sharp. If we do not keep up, we will be left in the dust. Even if you plan to work only one more year, you still need to stay abreast of changes.

Today, should not be a question of, “Do I need to learn?” It is a fact that you need to learn in aspects of life so you don’t make big mistakes, waste your time and money, get left behind, and become terribly stressed.

BIG learning is opening your mind to information, people, and the world around you. Rather than judging, you are just “taking in” and asking yourself questions like, “How could I use this information to make me or my world better?” It’s seeking more details about that particular idea or things . . . being willing to be an explorer and adventurer.

BIG learning is about trying new ideas; taking some risks; doing something that you have never done before but could have a very positive result in your life. I see BIG learning take place often in individuals who truly engage when I’m teaching full-day workshops or hosting the Office Dynamics Conference for Administrative Excellence. I see administrative and executive assistants who were a nervous wreck just speaking to a small group of people, stand at a podium and give a 3-minute speech. I have seen people who never understood the true momentum of goal setting, purchase their first home or take their first grandiose vacation.

You will know BIG learning is taking place because you will feel it. It will be a bit uncomfortable and cause you to stretch. I often feel BIG learning when it comes to understanding the financial aspects of business, the terminology, and all the inner workings. I have definitely grown in this area over the years because I needed to and wanted to. I also have had BIG learning in areas that I love. I know “the more I know, the more I need to know.”

BIG learning can also feel like a huge “aha” moment; something your are reading or listening to impacts you hard and makes you take action to change something.

So, I challenge you to look for BIG learning opportunities in the month of May (and beyond, of course). Soon summer will be upon us and half the year will be over. What are you going to do to stretch your thinking that could have a huge impact on the second half of 2014?

Make it happen!Joan Burge



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