How do you tell your boss you are moving on?

It’s time to move on–but how do you break it to your boss?

Question: “What is the best way to tell your boss that you are looking at other job opportunities? We have a great working relationship; I’m just ready for something different.” – Debbie, Executive Secretary

How would you tell your boss?

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Do you think this assistant should stay quiet? Do you think they should speak up? Does it depend on the relationship with their executive and the organization they work for, or does that not matter? Let’s chat about it.


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5 thoughts on “How do you tell your boss you are moving on?”

  1. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t. If I’m looking, I’m looking. Once I find another opportunity, then I will plan on telling the boss that I’m leaving in 2-3 weeks. Telling somebody that you’re looking into ditching them is not always going to make them smile, unless you are a horrible employee and they are looking to get rid of you anyways. Otherwise, I’d keep my lips sealed because you never know-even if you are on good terms.

  2. There is probably multiple reasons why you are ready to move on but I think keeping the conversation as simple and positive as possible is best. In my opinion, the question really is the conversation opener: “Boss, I wanted to let you know that I’m looking at other job opportunities within/or outside of our company. We have a great working relationship. But I’m just looking for something different.” Then I would ask if s/he would mind being a reference. Your boss is likely to ask what you are interested in or your plan for what’s next. Maybe your boss will ask if there is any changes that can be made to entice you to stay. Wrap up with a plan to keep each other updated on the job search and search for a replacement. This 5 minute conversation, and follow up conversations, will keep your boss as a great reference and your working relationship strong.

  3. Why would you tell your supervisor that you were looking at other opportunities and planning to move on? Your supervisor may move you on your way.

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