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Welcome to Ask an Admin! This is where any administrative assistant or executive assistant can submit any question they have and your peers can weigh in on the conversation with their advice. There is more than one way to approach a situation or problem so we would love to hear your input!

This week Karen asks:

I would like to ask a question to other admins about their ways of preparing for their days out of the office. We are trying to formulate a policy about backing others up when they are out of the office for PTO. We are finding that some of our admins are leaving the team they work for to fend for themselves during these times or they are depending on another admin to cover them when the admin is also covering 5 other people that day. And that day is usually a Friday or a day around a holiday when everyone wants to leave early or take PTO. It is too much for that admin to handle and is unprofessional to do that to someone. We have a strict QA/QC program here and everything going out the door must go through the quality check, so their team has no choice but to go to the admin who is in the office.

We would like to develop a policy that covers our eleven offices to keep things as consistent across the company as possible.

Any advice or ideas for a policy would be welcomed.

Basically Karen is asking, how should an administrative assistant prepare their day? This is a good question. From the military to the business world there are always fail safes. So, let’s hear it administrative and executive assistants, what are you thoughts on this?

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