Virtual Training For Assistants

COVID-19 Update - Live Workshop For Assistants Going

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Joan’s 4-city one-day workshop celebrating Office Dynamics International’s 30th Anniversary is going to be facilitated via Zoom. Here is what the new structure looks like:
  • The one-day event is now separated into a three-date workshop: 8/6, 8/13, and 8/20. (July is SOLD OUT)
  • Each workshop date is held from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.PT.
  • Each date provides new information on the skills and topics below.
  • Registration is open to only 50 Zoom attendees.
  • The workshop is designed to be fun, interactive, and an amazing learning experience (with surprises and giveaways.)

How This Skill Workshop Will Benefit Assistants

This is an intimate and unique opportunity to engage with Joan Burge from the comfort of your home or office, and experience one of the most important assistant discussions of this decade – Navigating in the New World.
COVID-19 changed the way we work. Amidst social distancing, many assistants have found themselves dealing with mass chaos and lack of information. Returning to the workplace post-COVID-19 will present a new set of demands and challenges such as:
  • Reshaped, recalibrated, and in some instances, completely changed expectations.
  • A shift in how executives will utilize their assistants moving forward.
  • The most marketable assistant skills.
  • How assistants will show their value in a competitive job market.
If you are ready to compete, take control of your career, and bring value to your executive and organization post-COVID-19, this powerful workshop will share timeless skills, depth, insights, and expertise from a former assistant turned CEO.

A Workshop for Assistants by a Former Assistant

There is something to be said about someone who practices what they preach, has experienced the same adversities as you, and truly understands the impact your role has on the “bigger picture.”

Before Joan Burge became the accomplished author, professional speaker, consultant, corporate trainer, and CEO she is today, she was an assistant working alongside corporate America’s biggest executives. During the workshop, Joan will be sharing her personal story and how the timeless skills she has developed will position you for success in the workplace. You will discover:

  • How to build and maintain resilience.
  • Take calculated risks and have a fallback plan.
  • Collaborate with various people to thrive in business.
  • Bring forth your creativity to go around barriers and experience new breakthroughs.
  • Be accountable to yourself and others to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Magic Formula - What Employers Look for in an Assistant

When Joan Burge started Office Dynamics after being in the profession for 20 years, she asked herself, “What was it that made certain assistants stand out from other assistants? Why was it that certain assistants were taken seriously? How was it that certain assistants were in absolute chaos but displayed grace?”

It was those questions along with feedback received from assistants, executives, human resource professionals, administrators, and managers that led Joan to develop the formula for success: skill + attitude + teamwork + strategy = administrative excellence.

  • Choosing your attitude.
  • Focusing on self-change.
  • Communicating effectively in a complex workplace.
  • Being results-driven.
  • Clarifying your leader’s expectations to build a strategic partnership.
  • Helping your leader maintain a competitive edge.
  • Actualizing your professional goals.
  • Bringing your personal brand to the front stage.

Navigating in a New World

COVID-19 certainly changed where we worked and how we worked. As we transition through the different phases of returning to work, we need coping mechanisms. The next phase will include staggered shifts, limited staff, the return of cubicles or added plexiglass, floor markings, digital sensors, and more. Casual, creative open areas may be a thing of the past. There are many unknowns. So how do you, as an assistant, find comfort with the uncomfortable? How do you maneuver all these changes? A good portion of this virtual workshop will focus on attendees sharing what they are experiencing and Joan providing on-the-spot solutions. Topics include:

  • Discussing current workplace changes due to the COVID-19.
  • Identifying success strategies for operating in a never-before-experienced work environment.
  • Learning how to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Gaining comfort with presenting yourself digitally.
  • Integrating digital work, community, and collaboration.

30th Year Celebration

Nothing would mean more to Joan than to continue to honor the administrative professionals for whom she has built Office Dynamics and continues to champion. In celebration of 30 years of inspiring excellence in administrative and executive assistants, Joan will have surprises for those who attend Timeless Skills for Assistants.

July 14, 20, and 28


August 6, 13, and 20


9:00am – 11:00am PDT

Timeless Skills Session Highlights

·      Hear Joan’s story and the skills she developed to thrive over 30 years in business.

·      Develop self-reliance, confidence, and accountability.

·      Give yourself permission to take risks.

·      Get comfortable with vulnerability as a sign of strength.

·      Develop staying power.  

·      Gain insight into 2020 “Reset” skills.

·      Clarify expectations from your leaders.

·      Assess current strengths and gap areas.

·      Show up and demonstrate your value.

·      Give conscious attention to the digital you.

·      Embrace the world of volatility, uncertainty, and complexity.

What's Included

  • Access to all three live sessions.
  • Access to all three session recordings.
  • Digital Handout.

Registration Is Limited.

Don’t miss your opportunity to gain knowledge from the pioneer of the administrative training industry.
50 Spots

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Due to the uniqueness of this event, there are no refunds. All registered participants will receive access to the recordings in case they can’t attend any of the live sessions. Please call 800-STAR-139 if you have any further questions.