Make Your Boss Look Good [Part 2]

Did you read Part 1 of this 2-Part series? Read: Make Your Boss Look Good [Part 1]

Helping your executive shine is about doing 100 little things, not 1 big thing.

In the previous blog, I shared tips specific to teaching your executive how to work with you.

Today’s blog is about a variety of things you can do. Remember, when you help your executive look good, you win! And you win in a big way. One thing is that other executives in the organization notice what you do to make your executive shine. They notice that you stand out in the crowd of other administrative assistants in the company. And if the day should come that one of those executives have an opening or you lose your job, you will be remembered! They will want you.

But you mainly do these things because you really care about your executive’s success. And while April is about you and your profession; it is very much about what this profession represents which is service to others. Again, we always win when we provide valuable services to others.

So here is the run down on some of my best tips. Again, rate yourself on each of these.

Demonstrate your worth and knowledge

  • Be accurate in your information.
  • Develop the ability to articulate what you want to say.
  • Stay abreast of current trends and technology.

Prioritize tasks

  • Co-ordinate the prioritization of tasks with your executive.
  • Basically, you should know your executive’s top 5 priorities for the day so you are on task.
  • Ask for deadline dates, not just “as soon as possible.” This will help you prioritize especially if you have multiple managers.
  • Create a task list; identify A, B, and C projects.

Block time in anticipation of regular tasks

  • Limit interruptions. Your executive may have an open door policy, but he or she still needs private time to get their assignments done or even just respond to emails.
  • Shut their door (if possible).
  • Tell your leader to close his email/Inbox for a period of time.
  • Make an appointment for your leader, with himself or herself!
  • Identify your leader’s best time of day to work on projects.
  • Understand their style/how they operate best.

Keep in mind the following goals

  • Create a partnership that works—regardless of the ‘players.’
  • Develop a partnership in an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Initiate communication

  • Remember, everyone has demanding schedules every day. Make time to have Human Moments either in person or on the telephone.
  • Gain your executive’s full attention by being . . .
    o concise and know what you want to say
    o prepared
    o logical, practical

What are some of the things you do to make your executive look good?


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