Opportunity Is Disguised As A Barrier

What’s standing in your way?

Do you give up at the first sign of resistance? As soon as you hit a bump on the road to your dreams, do you back off? Do you say to yourself, “This just isn’t meant to happen?” Or “This must be a sign that I need to forget this dream.”

Opportunity Is Disguised As A Barrier

Opportunities for growth might be more commonly known as barriers, obstacles or road blocks. As you chart your course and set out to reach that goal, you will encounter barriers. At that point, you have a choice. You can turn around, crawl back into your comfort zone and give up, or you can find ways around the barriers. You can use them as learning experiences. If you choose the latter and I hope you will, you will learn more than you ever would have with a flawless experience.

Barriers Test Your Desire

Personally I see roadblocks as a test of how badly I want something. They make me think about why this particular “thing” is important to me. My greatest lessons in life have come from obstacles, barriers and setbacks. Listen to the video to hear more.

As the saying goes, anything worth accomplishing takes work and commitment.

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Think ahead about what kinds of barriers you might encounter along the way. What type of barriers might you encounter when you are getting started? Think of anyone or anything that might be considered a road block. Finances could be an obstacle. Your boss could be a barrier. Other roadblocks can be: health, knowledge and time.\
  2. Write a plan for overcoming your barriers, obstacles and road blocks. This places you in a proactive position where you are in control. Provide a fallback plan for your dream. It’s worth it! A fallback plan will act as a parachute or safety net. You will have these ideas available whether or not you need to use them.
  3. Consider who might help you work around the obstacle.

I compare this fallback plan to a spare parachute. You may never need to use it but if you do, you have it ready to access. As you prepare to go beyond your comfort zone, list the obstacles or barriers you might encounter and your plan of action. This will give you a sense of security.




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1 thought on “Opportunity Is Disguised As A Barrier”

  1. One of my favourite sayings, picked up from a catering manager I worked with, is ‘turn your blenders into helicopters’ – ie use the things churning you up to lift you up. I find there’s usually a phase of resentment prior to doing this because you didn’t plan on doing it but if you keep doing it habitually the resentment phase gets progressively weaker and you get to a point you just have a chuckle as it whizzes on by. There is a caveat to this though – your success levels will be dependent on the overall culture you’re operating in. I’ve been in situations where managers at a higher level are deliberately creating the problem you’re struggling to deal with to bring about certain political or structural agendas (some of which may be ego-driven and therefore unprofessional in nature) so when you try to show what you can do to resolve the issues they’ve identified your efforts fall on deaf ears because they actually don’t want you to come up with a solution. You’re simply not in a position to influence what’s coming your way next in that particular environment. At this point, hopefully, you’ll be building yourself a bigger helicopter.

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