Realizing Your Full Potential: Venturing Into High Seas

Welcome to November . . . the 11th month of 2016. The month of gratitude, family gatherings, and turkey. November is also pancreatic cancer awareness month. As many of my followers know, my husband of 34 years, David Burge, passed away almost 6 years ago from pancreatic cancer. it is because of David and his 3-year battle that Office Dynamics became devoted to supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan).

When David was ill, I wrote a business book for administrative professionals called Underneath It All. I addressed advanced skills for assistants and I ended each chapter with what I considered, at that time, the most important thing for the reader to know, thus the title, underneath it all.

So in honor of November being pancreatic cancer awareness month and the fact that Office Dynamics is donating 50% of all proceeds from the sales of my book, Underneath It All, I felt it was appropriate to provide you with an excerpt from the book.

Underneath It All Book by Joan BurgeThe Chapter is entitled I’m my Own Career Manager. Aside from covering setting goals, creating a career portfolio and such, I talk about realizing your full potential. Here is what I would like you to think about this first full week of November.

Are you an adventurer?

In life we are either adventurers riding the high seas or drifters just floating along. One is not better than the other; we need to just “float” sometimes and enjoy the scenery. Riding the high seas is where we really have an opportunity to grow. That is because adventurers will. . .

  • reach out to people they would otherwise not engage
  • use their creativity and be resourceful
  • notice things they don’t see in calm waters
  • “muster up” every bit of strength
  • be invigorated – come alive
  • and display courage

What do high seas look like in our lives?

High seas can come in the form of. . .

  • changes at work
  • dealing with personal challenges and balancing work
  • taking on a major assignment or project
  • an exciting new administrative position
  • picking up your family and moving to a new place
  • leaving the administrative profession after many years in the field

When the Heat Is On!

When I provide one-on-one consulting, I often see an assistant who is a really great assistant. However, when the heat is on high, this person loses focus, neglects to prioritize, forgets things, or permits follow-up items to fall through the cracks.
Although it takes considerable talent to be a top admin and there are large numbers of people who fill those shoes; how many among them can handle a full-blown crisis? More importantly, can you handle a full-blown crisis?

You can if you:

  • remain calm.
    o If you panic you waste valuable time.
  • stay focused. The tendency to race ahead and envision a dreadful outcome is strong. You can’t do that if you stay focused. And, that’s just for starters!
  • think – weigh pros and cons.
  • name your options. Did you leave out anything? Which is most likely to succeed?
  • don’t second-guess yourself.

Underneath It All, you really need to know yourself. It’s knowing who you are deep inside and having the courage to use that information to live the life you want. This does not mean you ignore others or are selfish. It means you are self-actualized. Therefore, everything you do, you do better than before you awoke to this realization and put it to work for you. You were born to do…. And not just get something done, but do your very best; fulfill your full potential before you leave this earth.

This week, see how you can go. Be an adventurer!

Joan Burge



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