Shake It Up!

It’s time to shake things up.

Okay, Monday Motivators, it is the last week of February 2015. What did you do last week that demonstrated you “living your life on purpose”? (Please comment at the blog to share.)

This week I’d like you to really step out of your comfort zone—shake it up! What are some ways you can do that?

Take on a new task or project. See what your manager is working on and ask that they delegate a piece of that project to you. Your manager may have to teach you that piece of the project but that is how you will expand. When I was an assistant, I often asked my executives to show me various aspects of their daily tasks or special projects. I told them if they invested time in teaching me, I would save them valuable time in the future. This gave them freedom to focus on other important projects.

Register for a course, workshop, or webinar that challenges your thinking. Before doing so, give yourself an honest assessment. Evaluate your strengths, areas to enhance, and your weaknesses. Then determine your goal. Is it to:

    • Make a strength even stronger?
    • Enhance an area where you are somewhat talented but need to go to the next level?
    • Develop an area that you feel is really weak?

Then search for options and select a program that best fits that need.

Be a leader of the other administrative professionals in your organization. I often did this during my career. This has a three-fold purpose. One is that you grow as an individual; two is you help others grow; and third, management views you as a go getter! I have seen many administrative and executive assistants embrace training. They have become Certified Trainers of our Star Achievement Series®! And even more admins have led a team through our 26 Weeks to Administrative Excellence video series. Or another idea is to start an administrative team and host monthly meetings.

Join Toastmasters. The skills you develop by giving formal presentations help you in your every day life. Toastmasters and other similar groups or classes build confidence and teach you how to communicate your thoughts in a way that is clear, concise and impactful. Again, these are skills you can use every day.

Mentor a new employee or a novice administrative assistant.

Teach your manager one thing this week. It might be related to technology; how to use your sophisticated office phone system; how to use color coding for emails; how to have daily huddles with you and more. Don’t wait for your manager to ask for help.

Vow to finish reading one educational book this week.

Join a professional organization and actually attend the meetings.

Respond to a blog, if you have never done so! (Start here in the comments below!)

I dare you to shake yourself up this week. It won’t necessarily be easy, quick, or comfortable, but I guarantee you will be proud of yourself next Monday.

Have a terrific week.

Joan Burge


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Every administrative professional knows nothing in life or work is constant. In today’s workplace, we’re continually forced to adapt, shift, think and act on our toes, and just generally CHANGE (a word most people fear!). Those who are too rigidly attached to “the way things are” will constantly struggle to regain their footing when the inevitable upheaval happens. Watch the replay of this FREE event at your convenience. (and please share it with your peers.)

do something different.


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