Your Personal and Professional Brand Matters

Successful businesses around the world spend enormous amounts of time and money developing a brand that sets them apart and tells their story. Their marketing departments consider every little detail, from logos to font style, from signature colors to tone of communication. Employees forget that developing a personal brand is just as vital for them and requires just as much thought and consideration. So, what exactly is a personal brand? Your personal brand consists of how you present yourself, how you behave, how you treat others, and how you communicate.

Don’t let the industry buzz distract you from what really matters. This likely isn’t the first blog you’ve read about developing a personal brand. In our brand-new eBook, Reputation Matters: Creating and Promoting Your Brand, we cover every nuance of developing a stellar personal brand. We start with the outside and work our way in. We believe your personal brand is about so much more than your look. While your outward presentation is, of course, part of the puzzle, the way you act is just as important.

In fact, did you know what you do and the way you behave can speak more about you than any words you say? Every day with your actions and body language, you say something about yourself. It’s all part of your professional image. Make sure you remain cohesive in your personal brand. Don’t miss the mark and be well-dressed and well-spoken but lack all the elements you need to have a top-notch brand. Make sure you:

  1. Are always punctual for work and work events. Being on time shows you are reliable.
  2. Are organized. Having a desk and drawers overflowing with loose papers and envelopes sends the wrong message to everyone around you. Keep your workspace neat!
  3. Pay attention to detail. The little things really do matter. Leaders notice when you consistently forget to ensure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.
  4. Are an engaged listener. Give people the time and respect they deserve both in one-on-one conversations and meetings. Put your phone down. Look them in the eye and take in what they are saying.
  5. Turn in top quality work products. Take pride in what you do. Make sure the work you turn in represents who you are and the passion you have.

Ready to start building your personal brand? Click here to start investing in yourself and creating a brand that will make an impact!


Building a successful personal brand that attracts and impresses requires more than you’d think. Don’t worry! Joan has you covered.


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