4 Ways To Get Noticed At Work

Don’t Get Lost In The Clouds … The Visible Assistant 

Hello Monday Motivators! I hope you had a great weekend. To continue our travels through this special month of June, the official month of the 25th year anniversary of Office Dynamics, I found more goodies to share with you!

Star Quest was the first newsletter I published. Last week I shared with you a story about Office Life which came after Star Quest, an 8-page color newsletter we published monthly.

Here is an excerpt from the cover story of the November 1997 issue! It is still applicable today, although the administrative profession has become more visible over the past 5 years. To read the full story and other articles, you will want to visit our blog to download the full issue of the Star Quest Newsletter here.

For years, secretaries and administrative assistants traveled at low levels. They were invisible. In fact, the theory was that if you were a really good assistant, you would be invisible to your boss and others. You would glide through your day, get tasks done, and do whatever it took without telling everyone what you did and how you did it. This was the way it was! Today’s philosophy is be visible. Stop hiding your talents and contributions to the organization. Stand out – be different – use your strengths to shine. Stop being a glimmer of light.

It’s time for administrative professionals to come up from the clouds that have cast a gloom over their performance. It is time to rise above the coworkers, friends, or even family members who kept you invisible. It is time for you to become the Visible Assistant.

4 Ways To Get Noticed At Work

There are four considerations to make this happen:

  1. You have to expand your horizons. Quit traveling close to the ground.
  2. Expect turbulence. As you climb and strive to reach your star performance, you may get some repercussions from your organization, department, boss, colleagues and even your best friend. Just remember that like my commuter plane going to Chicago, you will rise above the clouds to an even better place.
  3. Rise above your environmental clouds. Like the aircraft blurred in the mass of clouds, you may be blurred in the mass of coworkers. Your performance may be clouded by a boss who holds you down, a coworker who diminishes your contributions, or a team who stamps out your creativity.
  4. Increase your visibility through performance improvement. As you improve your work performance through professional development and feedback, people in your organization will notice you. They may notice you already, but are they noticing you for the right behaviors and reasons?

The administrative profession has come a long way since 1997 and assistants are more visible than ever. But don’t rest on your laurels if you are in the administrative profession. We still have much work to do!

Wishing you a great week. Be sure to let your talents and gifts shine.

Also, don’t forget to stay connected for great surprises all month long! We’ll be giving away 25 prizes in honor of 25 years throughout the month of June. You will want to be sure you’re connected with us (and engaging) on ALL fronts!



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Didn’t get a chance to register for the 2015 Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence? The live event is sold out but you don’t have to miss this important resilience-building curriculum. Click the image below for details.


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6 thoughts on “4 Ways To Get Noticed At Work”

  1. One of the articles in the newsletter talked about a 360 for administrative staff. I would be very interested in any information you could provide me on that. My management team is currently going through this process and I’ve asked about one for admins but it sounds like the vendor we use might only have a generic Individual Contributor survey, which isn’t what I’m looking for.

  2. No truer words were ever spoken. I started my assistant career back in 1983…wow! Things have definitely changed for the administrative professional and for the better! I’ve had to learn that it is okay to give yourself a pat on the back and to let others know what I’ve accomplished throughout my career. My passion now lies in helping other administrative professionals learn to do the same thing! Not everyone can be an assistant and there are even fewer who strive to be STARS…so, as Joan said, let your light SHINE!!

  3. Nearly 20 years after this was first published, it is absolutely still relevant today – evidence that Joan was ahead of her time and that it takes time to swing the tide! It can be tricky sometimes to figure out how to rise above the turbulence and environmental clouds, but persevere. Focus on “converting the non-believers one at a time” and remain confident in the talents you’ve been given. Our lights are meant to shine and nothing can that unless we allow it.

  4. Happy 25th Anniversary, Joan, Jasmine, and Office Dynamics International staff! What an amazing achievement! I have read several of Joan’s books, and I love reading the Monday Motivators. I find they do just that – motivate me on Monday and through the week. This year I am excited to be attending the 2015 Annual Conference. It will be my first, and I am looking forward to meeting Joan and Jasmine. Thanks for all you do for our profession! Wishing you even greater success in the next 25 years!

    1. Thank you, Lori! You’ve been selected as a prize winner this week as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary. I’ll be in touch via email with prize redemption instructions. Congrats to you!!!

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