Administrative Professionals Day 2017 Blog-A-Thon Celebration

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, Office Dynamics loves to hold our annual Blog-A-Thon for the entire month of April.

April is a month that can change your career if you’re an administrative professional.

We love this time of year and it’s time to shine the spotlight on our favorite office professional, you, the administrative professional.

While we serve the administrative profession all 365 days of the year, this is the month that you get a week of recognition or at least a day. And if you’re friends of ours, well…we’re giving you the whole month.

It’s time to kick-off a special event we’ve been hosting for years here on our blog that we hope you will enjoy!

At Office Dynamics International we’ve been working hard to organize a special event just for you that will not only be fun and pump-you-up with excitement for your career – this event will provide you with expert tips and trade secrets, real-world advice and solutions you can take back to your desk and implement right away.

Not only will we be sharing our expertise, we’ve rallied together a whole bunch of experts we’ll be introducing as we journey through this April Blog-a-Thon. 

There are chances to win great prizes, all you have to do is engage with the blog posts by commenting as well as sharing the post on social media.

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What is a Blog-a-Thon?

Our Blog-a-Thon is a free online event. We update our blog daily with posts from our team or our partners adding content for you daily. You enter to win prizes by engaging with these blogs by commenting and sharing.

How to participate in the Blog-a-Thon.

  • Simply comment and share any of the blog posts during the month of April for a chance to win.
  • If you have strict corporate policies that restrict your from receiving gifts – don’t let that hold you back from participating. Please just let us know if you waive the right to win your prize and we’ll draw another name.
  • Multiple comments do not equal multiple entries on the same post.
  • Commenting on multiple posts does equal multiple entries. The more posts you visit and leave a comment on, the more chances you have to win.
  • Sharing the post on social media will also be a bonus entry – please tag us in your posts so we know when you share them.
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  • Facebook @OfficeDynamics

Why do we host a Blog-a-Thon in April?

Our Blog-a-Thon in honor of Administrative Professionals is held once a year  (April). This is the time of year the administrative profession gets a lot of attention with the last week of April traditionally being Administrative Professionals Week and this year (2017) Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

We enjoy providing an abundance of tools and resources for the administrative professional to enhance their career throughout the month with continuous blog posts. Offering educational programs to administrative support staff through free resources, products, services, and events are something we focus on all year long. This is a great time of year to highlight why we’re here and that we are here for you.

Please share this event with the administrative assistants, executive assistants, administrative professionals, and other office professionals in your life.

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There is still time to join Joan Burge in Chicago for Administrative Professionals Week. You must register for Building A Star Partnership One-Day Workshop by April 10, 2017. There is only a handful of seats left so act fast.

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