Be Bold Enough To Be An Owner


Do You Have An Owner’s Mentality?

Hello from my office to yours.

Did you know that you do not have to own your own business to have an “owner’s” mentality? Did you know there are benefits to thinking like an “owner” vs. an employee? Do you know the key characteristics of owners?

“Owners are fundamentally different from employees,” says Daren Martin Ph.D. and author of A Company of Owners. They have a psychological stake in the success of the company that drives their daily behavior. They treat the company as if it were their own. Daren goes on to say that owners . . .

  • Take losses personally.
  • Celebrate successes as if they were their own.
  • Have an enterprise mentality versus a silo mentality.
  • Owners are priceless and establish themselves as indispensable contributors.

So, can you be bold enough to be an owner?

I think this is an exciting concept because when you think like an owner it gives you a sense of accountability and power. When you think like an owner, you feel like it is up to you to make things work; to determine the direction of the day or a project; and to know that you make a difference in the outcome of whatever you or the team is doing.

When you embrace this mentality, you act differently, and management notices. You are more apt to be included in decision-making. Your views and opinions are taken more seriously.


Daren Martin Ph.D. is going to be my guest at our March 16 webinar, which is just 2 days away! I have personally spent some time on the phone with Daren talking through his ideas and can’t wait to hear him share what it takes to think like an owner. I will give you some insight into the 8 fundamental characteristics of owners.

See how you measure up by rating yourself on a scale of 1 – 10 on the characteristics below. One being never and ten being always:

  1. Analyzer: turns data into meaningful information
  2. Initiator: grab the ball and advance it down the field
  3. Strategic Thinker: use their gifts to further the company and its initiatives
  4. Forward Thinker: acts as a scout, always looking around the corner to see what is coming next
  5. Connector: looks for and recognizes the value of resources outside their area and even outside their company
  6. Learner: sets goals and expects to be measured against the goals they set
  7. Accountable: takes responsibility for everything in their world all the time
  8. Empowered: owners are never stuck. They don’t wait for someone else to empower them

So, how did you do? I imagine you have some areas you can work on. Moving from thinking like an employee to an owner takes a shift in your thinking. While it is a small shift, it can have a monumental positive impact on you.

Joan Burge


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