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Christine N. Asks:

I’m finally getting around to creating my Administrative Professional Protocol Manual but I’m not sure if it should print everything out in a 3 ring binder (using dividers), using a One Note document, having it electronically in an online file or all of the above.  What do most administrative professionals prefer? 

Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Creating an Administrative Professional Protocol Manual – Ask an Admin”

  1. Can someone share their EA Desk Reference Manual or a template? I’d like to implement one for all the Administrative Assistants in my team. I don’t want to recreate the wheel.

  2. My manual is a Google doc and it’s shared with my supervisor. The secretary that was here before me created it. It has been so useful. I update it often.

  3. I use Evernote (not just for this): we create notebooks for each topic, and one procedure equals one note.
    Later on, you can organize those notebooks under bigger categories (“stacks” in Evernote).
    It’s easy to search, and you don not have to print the whole thing out again if you change something in it.
    You can also share it with other Evernote users (almost everybody in our company) and assign different rights to notebooks. For example, I allow my assistant to edit them since she is the one who does the writing and illustrating for each procedure )after I have shown her the procedure itself). Other colleagues are only allowed to read, lest they delete the whole thing or modify it some way.

  4. Electronically is the way to go. As stated above it allows ease of updating and provides the ability to share information in a more convenient fashion.

    1. Hi Barbara: We are going to use OneNote to store ours, so can you please share how you did yours so I can follow same process.

  5. I agree with all of the above. The format is not as important as keeping it updated and making sure others understand are.

    I have several online folders for procedures, I have a binder that includes stuff I have collected over the years, and I use One Note for things I look up frequently so they are all in one place.

    I support different departments, so each department has its own procedures manual, along with a generic one for our division.

  6. At my company, the admins are leading the way using One Note. It works great for making available important documentation and info that the admin team uses.

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