Don’t Let the Pessimist Get You Down!

I’m sure you can all think of a person at work who seems to take the joy out of everything. Or no matter what good is going on, they can find a down side to it. You really have to be careful and protect yourself from these people because they can affect your attitude, productivity, progress, and success. Individuals who tend to focus on the negative or what could go wrong, tend to be pessimists. They do exist! I view this as just part of who they are; they really can’t help it. It is in their DNA. I tend to be a positive person, look for the lesson in adversity, and see a bright future even when life is bleak. Maybe you are that kind of person. It’s just us. Our parents could have had an influence on that, life’s events could have affected us when we were young or maybe it is just our genes.

The main point is to not let “joy-suckers” get to you. I have an invisible bubble around me. I take it everywhere I go. This bubble acts as a protector so when negative people talk to me, I hear them but their negativity bounces away from me. If you let their views and comments get to you, before you know it, you can quit your job. That happened to me when I was about 23 years old. Afterward, I realized I had a good job, liked my manager, and asked myself, “Why did I quit?” I tried to get my job back to no avail. I learned at a very young age to never let anyone color my vision about another person or my employer.

People are not the only joy-suckers at work. Events, a heavy workload, technical problems, lack of confidence – these are also joy-suckers. As you go through your day, be aware and conscious of the events and situation that might take away your positive attitude. These are also things, events, or people who reduce your productivity. Your creativity can suffer.

I like to surround myself with people who are enthusiastic, joy-filled, energetic, and have a mission or purpose to their day, life, and helping others. This is not that I go around with unrealistic expectations of people or events at work. But I do chose who I keep company with which feeds my soul, lifts my spirits when I’m down or really challenged, and helps me grow as a person.

This week, keep watch for anything or any person who might sidetrack you. Best of luck!

Joan Burge




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