How to Start Your Digital Career Portfolio

By now you’ve likely heard of the importance of keeping a Career Portfolio. Do you have one? Have you considered the digital version of your portfolio? It’s a lot easier to create and update a digital portfolio than you might think … even if you aren’t a tech-loving person! I’m going to break down 6 easy-to-use resources for you that will help you to get started on the digital version of your career portfolio.

What is a Digital Career Portfolio?

Your digital career portfolio is a lot like your physical portfolio in most ways – it is an extension of your brand. A representation of your “digital self” so to speak.

What is the benefit of having a Digital Career Portfolio?

Your digital portfolio will work around the clock for you because it’s always out there. It’s an additional tool at your disposal to help you stand out. It’s also a great way to showcase your work. You don’t have to worry about who you share your digital portfolio with, either, because you can’t lose track of it like you can a physical portfolio.

Where can I start a Digital Career Portfolio?

There are multiple ways of showcasing your work in a digital format for your reader. Here are just a few of my favorite starting points. You will want to decide what platform best suits you to house your career portfolio (I don’t recommend having a portfolios in all places as I have done… that will equate to a lot of maintenance on your part in the future).

This is the easiest place to get started and there are millions of people using this platform. Enhancements are frequent and you’re able to add projects, documents, and even video samples of your work.
This is a great place to acquire and house testimonials of your work, showcase your online resume and it’s got excellent search-ability of your resume if you are looking.

This is another online job searching site but even if you aren’t looking it has a really great tool for turning your resume into an infographic. The Career Portfolio Tool that offers is an excellent visual representation of your resume.

Career Portfolio Infographic

Choose your template and build your own site. Starting at free. An easy to use website builder that works wonderfully as a Career Portfolio. You can upload samples of your work and share here. Here is an example of my Wix page.


Another great space that’s easy to use. Encourages networking. Here is an example of my page.


Build your portfolio out in slide show format and share with one of these great tools. You can embed your SlideShare on your LinkedIn profile.

Be careful when using sites that don’t belong to you when showcasing your information. If they change their terms of use or even shut down the site you could potentially lose your portfolio. I do recommend that you use tools like LinkedIn or but I recommend that you don’t limit yourself to just one for this reason.

If you are just getting started or this is all really overwhelming – start simply with a PowerPoint presentation or a LinkedIn profile.

For the more advanced user, I suggest keeping a blog with your own portfolio showcasing website. This can link to your profiles on sites like LinkedIn or as well as show off your design/website management abilities (which can come in handy, especially in smaller offices that keep a web master on staff).

How often do I update my Digital Career Portfolio?

With all of these tools comes a certain amount of maintenance. My recommendation is to keep a folder for portfolio updates in your follow up and make updates to your preferred tools and hard copy version of your portfolio 3-4 times per year (even if you aren’t currently on the market) and more frequent attention is recommended when you are job searching.

Do you have a digital portfolio yet? Are you planning on starting one?

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