It’s COOL to be an Administrative Professional

It’s COOL to be an Administrative Professional because you have a pulse on how people feel. It seems that most people in a workplace confide in administrative professionals. How many times have your executive’s direct reports talked to you in confidence? Or how many just talk to you about how they feel about a project — or changes taking place in the company?

Often, you are viewed as a confidante. They are comfortable talking to you. And they look to you for answers or insight. How many times has one of your leader’s staff members come to you to check the thermostat of your leader? They will ask, “Is this a good time to see Joe?” Or, “Do you think this is a good time to talk to Melissa about the project?”

You often have a clear understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes and can provide valuable information to your leader, if you choose. Or sometimes you keep quiet because you know that is the right thing to do. People will come to you and open up that would not go to your executive and open up. How cool is that?

One thing you might want to consider is – are you a trusted confidante? Do you know when you should share something you heard with your leader and when you should be quiet? Are you careful to not put your spin on the information you have heard when transmitting it to your leader?

Are there times you wish people would not share with you? Do you wish your leader’s staff would not come to you? What are your thoughts on this topic?


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3 thoughts on “It’s COOL to be an Administrative Professional”

  1. As an Assistant, being a confidant for colleagues, and leaders is a privilege. Because of that, I keep things shared in confidence between me and the person. If I feel it should or needs to be shared, it’s best to ask permission before damaging a trusting relationship.

  2. Katherine Morgan

    I love this aspect of being an admin. I try very hard to listen and not judge, but offer advice that is fair and appropriate. I struggle when I hear whining/complaining. I try to be sympathetic, but don’t really know how to change the conversation and turn it around, which would be the right thing to do. I tend to clam up and let them “spin out”. Any suggestions on how to change those conversations?

    1. I think it is challenging to change those conversations because some coworkers just need to have that outlet and you are the lucky one! I think listening and offering advice as you are already doing is great. I think one way you can get out of those conversations, esp if they are getting too long, is to say you have some work you need to get done…in the kindest way of course!

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