Leap Into Action

This is the perfect time to leap into action… Winter will be coming to an end and spring will be in the air.

Last February I hosted a webinar entitled Get Things Done & Control Your Day. So I thought it would be fun and useful to share some of those great tips and add a few more. Are you ready?

  • Empower yourself to take control.
  • Early in the day, clarify the most important priorities.
  • Standardize work processes.
  • Establish some quiet time throughout the day to regroup and reprioritize.
  • Recognize the time of day you are most productive.
  • Cut back the time you spend on Facebook.
  • Don’t confuse activity with results.
  • Stop “thinking” about it. As Nike says, Just Do It!
  • Get the clutter out of your life.
  • Organize your work space. We recently did spring cleaning at our office and got rid of a ton of stuff. We organized our work areas and spruced up our office with new plants, pictures, vases and more. It feels great and energized all of us!
  • Neutralize information overload. You will be productive and feel less stressed.
  • Stop procrastinating.

Wishing you a productive, fun and energizing week.

Joan Burge

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