Monday Motivator: Failure Can Catapult Us To Success

For some reason, the topic of fear and failure has been in my world for the past several weeks. I’m not sure what that all means. Maybe these subliminal messages are being placed in front of me because I am at critical junction of pushing Office Dynamics further than it has ever been. I have a choice to back away and stay the way we are, which is lovely or catapult us so we can reach thousands more administrative professionals and help improve the quality of their work life. I’m also being tested as to what the next steps are for Live a BIG Life.


And while I teach overcoming fear in my Star Achievement Series program, and as fearless as I am sometimes, I still have those moments where I ask myself, “What if it doesn’t work? What if I create something and people don’t come? Then what?”


I have read several great articles on overcoming fear and about how we must fail and fail again and again so we can finally get to our successes. You can apply that concept to all 5 Pillars of life, which I speak on: Career, Family, Financial, Spiritual and Wellness.


Dan Lier, best-selling author, spoke at our 20th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence about recovery time. He took an entirely different approach regarding failure and I learned so much. Dan, like many thought leaders, said we must fail. We want to strive for a quicker recovery each time we have a failure. Wow! (Our conference is available for purchase. Hear Dan plus other top speakers.)


As I reflect back over my life, especially career, the greatest lessons I learned came from when I had a setback. I don’t really think I failed, per say. I tried something and it didn’t work. Or I launched something and people didn’t take to it, like I thought. At least I tried which is better than others who try absolutely nothing in life. So I prefer to say I had a setback and sometimes it was a big setback. But I always looked for the lesson.


Even today as I face challenges, I am focused on “What can I learn from this? How will I use this to become a better person or grow Office Dynamics?”


If you have never failed or experienced a setback, then you haven’t tested your capabilities. If you have had failures or setbacks, good for you. I’m sure you learned something.


So this week, go out and try something daring—something different—something that will make you uncomfortable in any of your 5 Pillars of life.





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