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Monday Motivator – Fear Can Become a Monster If We Let It

As we finish out October, a month often associated with ghoulish decorations and eerie vibes, it’s a fitting time to address a subject that affects us all: fear. While Halloween might bring to mind childhood scares and haunted houses, the reality is that fear doesn’t vanish as we grow older; it merely evolves.

For many administrative professionals, fears can range from everyday worries, like making a mistake in a crucial project, to larger career apprehensions, such as embarking on a new job or leadership role. Fear also manifests in our personal lives, impacting our openness to new experiences and relationships. It’s essential to acknowledge that fears can either inhibit us or become catalysts for growth.

One popular acronym describes F-E-A-R as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Each of us experiences fear differently, and what paralyzes one person may energize another. The key is to recognize these fears and learn to turn them into stepping stones for personal and professional development.

7 Strategies for Overcoming Fear

  1. Identify Your Fear: Is it job interviews? Public speaking? Be clear about what scares you.
  2. Uncover The Root CauseFor instance, if you’re afraid of public speaking, you might actually be scared of forgetting your lines or technical failures. Understanding the root cause allows you to address it directly.
  3. Assess The RisksWhat’s the worst-case scenario? Often, our fears are exaggerated. Knowing the worst outcome can prepare you for handling it.
  4. Plan Your ApproachOutline the steps you can take to mitigate the fear. Sometimes, facing the fear head-on is the best strategy, as long as it’s not physically harmful.
  5. Focus On The OpportunitiesThink about the positives that will come from overcoming your fear. Could it lead to a promotion, or improve your quality of life?
  6. Build Confidence: Remember past successes and milestones that you’ve achieved despite your fears. This will help build your confidence in tackling new challenges.
  7. See Fear As A ChallengeYou can be afraid and courageous simultaneously. Turn that fear into a challenge that propels you forward.

The truth is, overcoming a single fear doesn’t mean you’ll never feel scared again. But each time you confront a fear and come out stronger, you’re better prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Let’s embrace fear not as a roadblock, but as an opportunity for growth. Because when we learn to make fear work for us and not against us, we unlock our full potential.


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