qualities of a great assistant

Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Are You a great assistant?

Many times in my live workshops and seminars for executive and administrative assistants, I ask the participant to create a list of qualities, attributes, and attitudes of star-performing assistants. Over the years, I have collected more than 300 ideas that I want to share.

As you go through it, check off the ones that describe you. This might give you an idea of areas that need to be developed.

Qualities Of A Great Assistant

  • Good communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Team player
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Positive, can-do attitude
  • Flexible
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Honest
  • Helpful
  • Accountable
  • Trustworthy
  • Confident
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Proactive
  • Authentic
  • Excellent calendaring skills
  • Customer-service focused
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good listener
  • Professional presence
  • Keeps delicate information private
  • Focused
  • Political knowledge
  • Anticipation of needs
  • Knows what the boss needs
  • Great networking skills
  • Analytical forward-thinking skills

Well, how did you do? As I mentioned, you can use this list to identify your strengths and areas of need. For example, professional presence. Do you demonstrate a professional presence every day, even when someone has upset you?

Or maybe you checked good listener. But do you always “listen” or do you distract yourself with reading emails while someone is talking to you?

Each of us can do better each and every day. Taking baby steps is a good way to manage a big list of “must get better at” areas.

Start by mapping out your top 3 qualities and the 1 area you need to work on developing the most.

Good luck!


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