qualities of a great assistant

Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Are You a great assistant?

As an administrator or executive assistant, it is important to continually strive for excellence in your role. In my live workshops and seminars for assistants, I often ask participants to create a list of qualities, attributes, and attitudes that are commonly associated with star-performing assistants. Over the years, I have compiled more than 300 ideas that I would like to share with you.

As you review this list, consider checking off the items that describe you. This can help you identify your strengths and areas for development. It is important to continually assess and improve upon these qualities in order to excel in your role. By identifying your strengths and areas for improvement, you can focus on specific areas to work on and take small steps towards becoming a great assistant.

Qualities Of A Great Assistant

Good communication skills: This involves being able to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders, including colleagues, clients, and superiors.

Organization skills: Being able to effectively manage your workload and keep track of important tasks and deadlines is crucial.

Team player: Working well with others and being a positive contributor to the team is essential.

Interpersonal communication skills: This involves being able to effectively interact and build relationships with others, both within and outside of the organization.

Detail-oriented: Paying attention to small details and ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and efficiently is important.

Positive, can-do attitude: Maintaining a positive outlook and approach to work can help you stay motivated and tackle challenges.

Flexibility: Being able to adapt to changing situations and priorities is an important quality in any assistant.

Ability to prioritize: Knowing how to prioritize tasks and allocate your time effectively is crucial for success.

Honesty: Being honest and transparent in your work is essential for building trust with colleagues and superiors.

Helpful: A willingness to assist others and go above and beyond in your role is always appreciated.

Accountable: Taking responsibility for your work and being reliable is important for building trust and credibility.

Trustworthy: Being dependable and consistent in your work is essential for maintaining credibility and trust.

Confidence: Believing in your abilities and being able to communicate effectively can help you succeed in your role.

Ability to remain calm under pressure: Being able to handle high-stress situations and maintain a level head is important in any assistant role.

Proactive: Anticipating the needs of others and taking the initiative to get things done can help you stand out in your role.

Authentic: Being true to yourself and your values is important for building trust and maintaining credibility.

Excellent calendaring skills: Being able to manage your own schedule effectively and the schedules of others is crucial for success as an assistant.

Customer-service focused: Having a customer-service orientation and a willingness to assist others can help you excel in your role.

Excellent time management skills: Effectively managing your time and prioritizing tasks is essential for success as an assistant.

Good listener: Being able to actively listen and understand the needs and concerns of others is important for building relationships and being an effective assistant.

Professional presence: Maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor at all times is important for building credibility and trust.

Keeping delicate information private: Maintaining confidentiality and discretion is crucial for building trust and maintaining credibility.

Focused: Concentrating and staying on track with tasks is important for success in any role.

Political knowledge: Understanding the dynamics and politics within the organization can help you navigate your role more effectively.

Anticipation of needs: Being able to anticipate the needs of others and take the initiative to get things done can help you excel in your role.

Knows what the boss needs: Being attuned to the needs of your boss and anticipating their needs can help you be more effective in your role.

Great networking skills: Building relationships and connections with others can be beneficial for both your personal and professional growth.Analytical forward-thinking skills: Being able to think critically and analyze situations can help you make

So, how did you fare on the list of qualities and attributes of a great assistant? As mentioned earlier, this list can be a helpful tool for identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. For example, do you consistently demonstrate a professional presence, even in difficult or stressful situations? Or perhaps you consider yourself a good listener, but do you sometimes find yourself getting distracted by emails or other tasks while someone is speaking to you?

Remember, we all have room for growth and improvement. Taking small steps toward developing your skills and abilities can help you manage a long list of areas to work on. Consider mapping out your top three strengths and the one area you would like to focus on improving the most. With dedication and effort, you can continue to grow and excel as an assistant. Good luck on your journey toward becoming a great assistant!

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