Snuff Out the Burnout

If you feel you are on the verge of stressing too much because of your job or even home life, take a step back. You might be burning out. Before it becomes full-blown, take these steps:

  1. Find time to play. Even if it means forcing yourself. People on the verge of burnout usually are spending less time with family and friends. They have trouble getting away from the workplace. If you can’t take a few days off, even just one day, in a relaxing environment with no computers, faxes, e-mails, phone calls or any thoughts of work, can help renew you. Try a technology fast on this day off to get the full benefit of rejuvenation.
  2. Set realistic objectives. If you are feeling snowed under at work, sit down with a boss and prioritize your projects. Categorize them and then attack!
  3. Use your support network. Everyone needs people inside and outside of work to turn to for support, encouragement, and candid feedback. Most important are those folks who laugh with you and are true friends.
  4. Keep your options open within the Company. People who burn out usually feel they do not have a way out of a situation. Update your resume and be prepared to talk about your accomplishments in the past five years and what you can contribute to the organization. Determine areas within the company that you may contribute to.

Other tidbits:
* Plan a vacation or quick getaway
* Sign up for regular, non-work activity during the weeks that makes you leave the office early.
* Subscribe to publications that have no relationship to your profession.



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2 thoughts on “Snuff Out the Burnout”

  1. THIS: * Sign up for regular, non-work activity during the weeks that makes you leave the office early.*

    When I took a promotion from AA to SAA, I realized I was spending way too much time in the office after my day actually ended. When I got home, I could never really decompress before bedtime and in bed, I found I was losing sleep by waking up in the middle of the night with my mind racing with thoughts of what I didn’t want to forget to do the next day. I decided to register for a fitness class through my city’s recreation department, which meant that for at least ONE day a week, I HAD to leave on time or I’d be late or miss the class. This has helped me tremendously b/c 1) I realized that I COULD leave on time (work can wait) and 2) the exercise has helped boost my health.

  2. Thank you for this post. It’s very timely! I’ve been struggling with burn out for a while now trying to determine next steps. This article has helped me decide on what I should do next.

    Appreciate it!

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