Social Networking Tips for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Social Networking Tips

In today’s technology-centric workplace, many employers want employees to be savvy with social networking … especially in tech fields, marketing, public relations and media. Key characteristics desired are those who are avid users of the  Internet, blogs, Twitter and/or who have a Facebook page or other social networking account.

Encouragement to participate on Facebook

It’s ironic that although many companies once worried about lost employee productivity because of time spent on Facebook, now these skills are desirable! Although not so in every industry or field, social media networks are quickly demonstrating they provide cost-effective efficiency for companies to gain visibility and transmit their message in a viable, personal way.

Social Networking Tips

Do your homework and learn to use social networking to your professional advantage. Remember your etiquette in all settings is vital, even when they are “virtual” settings! Here are just a few social networking tips to keep in mind.

  • Send no more than one news story a day.
  • Use stories from other bloggers and give proper attribution.
  • Remember to use the same rules online as in real life: don’t scream (USE ALL CAPS), use inflammatory language, or start a word war of multi-posts. Be kind.
  • Respect your address book and their time. Don’t send “everything to everyone” constantly. Seek to be sincerely helpful in your sends.
  • Always play fair: share knowledge and favors as often as you request them from others.

Company-wide Social Collaboration Sites

Many companies are now sponsoring company-wide intranet sites like Yammer to encourage collaborative work and information exchange among employee groups. These are wonderful additions and can add value to your information and skills as an assistant. Here’s a timely example of how one administrative assistant used an internal board to efficiently find a solution for a problem half-way around the globe:


“I have a Yammer account at my company. I scan the ‘feed’ to learn tips and information on a variety of topics, including tech. One day an attorney I support had a layover in Hong Kong. He sent me an e-mail saying his computer-based web phone had unexpectedly stopped working. I immediately posted the issue and question regarding settings onto Yammer; within eight minutes, we’d received the technical setting answer we needed to have his phone up and running!” – Nancy

If you do create an online profile on an internal company site, treat it as you would a LinkedIn profile. Keep it professional, current and timely. Use a professional headshot, not a photo of your child or pet, or a glamour photo! Remember it is professional.

When you do post, observe Google’s informal slogan: Don’t be evil. Instead, use discretion and keep posts timely. Create an online presence but do not be overwhelming in quantity. Don’t forward items to everyone in your address book. If a post has specific merit by all means forward to someone to provide resources.

Joan Burge


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