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How to Stay Your Professional Best During Summer

I hope you are staying cool. Last week the temperature in Las Vegas got as high as 115! Then dropped to 109 by Thursday, which is more our norm.

Did you ever notice how when the temperatures rise or it is hot, humid and sticky, people are less patient? They seem a bit irritable and maybe even cranky. I know that when I travel in the summer to places that are 85 degrees with 80% humidity, I feel like a mess! It’s not so bad if I am on vacation but most often I’m working and dressed professionally and trying to look my best.

What does one do to stay your professional best during the hot summer?

dress appropriately

Dress appropriately. Start off by choosing the best clothing for the day ahead of you. Think about your office.

  • Are you near a window where the sun shines in at certain times of the day?
  • Is your company cost conscious therefore keeping the temp in the office higher than you would like it?
  • How is the circulation in your office?
  • Do you have to move around a lot during the day, thus creating body heat?

fruit-infused-waterDrink water! Enough can’t be said about water. We read about drinking 8 glasses of water every day all year round. Living in the desert, I know for sure that I especially need to drink refreshing water all day long. Dehydration is not fun! I’ve seen what it does to people. Jasmine, who works in my office, takes the time to add cucumber slices to her water or cut fruit. It not only tastes good but it looks enticing which makes her want to drink the beverage even more.

keep cool at work

Keep a small fan on your desk. In our office, there are a few people who are warmer than the rest of us and though we keep the air conditioning running, they have a little fan on their desk to stay comfortable. It’s the perfect answer!

keep a positive attitude at work

Keep a cool attitude. If you find yourself feeling less than energetic and fresh, take a break to regroup. Step away from your work.

stay hydrated at work

Switch it up! Add other refreshing beverages to your day. Beverages with electrolytes are very good. The Center for Disease Control says that besides water, salts, and minerals also need to be replaced in order to avoid heatstroke.

Be smart during the summer so you can maintain your health, energy and focus at work!

It’s time to hear from you. What are your favorite tips to help you stay your professional best during summer? Share your comments below, we look forward to reading them.

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7 thoughts on “How to Stay Your Professional Best During Summer”

  1. I so empathize with the “hot flashes” they are miserable! Fortunately, for me they keep our office pretty cool. Our younger ladies have learned to keep a sweater handy! I also got a darling short haircut which has helped me immensely in feeling cooler! Good thing my husband loves short hair!

  2. Joan and Jasmine,
    First, thank you for always caring about every part of our well being!
    Secondly, as I strive to “re-brand” myself I am more aware of what I wear to work. I am doing my best to dress within my budget (I love Kohls!) , my speech, my posture, demeanor, etc. This morning I put on a cute summer dress that I’ve worn to church, put a light sweater on and went on my way.

    To my HORROR, when I looked down in our weekly huddle, “the girls” were a little exposed! OMGOODNESS; I had forgotten to wear my cami!!! I did my best to cover up and then immediately went to the nearest WalMart to purchase a cami to put on. I think I need a new checklist!! LOL.

    Thanks again ladies!

  3. Fortunately for me I control my AC in my office. It is a blessing as I seem to be living on an island where there are only hot flashes. Also I make tea at night and freeze it in my water bottle. When I arrive at work it is just right for me to begin my ice tea drinking. I love it! Sometimes I put a bit of honey in it or cut fruits in it. Try it some time with cinnamon!

  4. Elaine Boess Modena

    I work with a bunch of men, and thank goodness they have wives my age. I have been saying I am a woman over40 for the last ten years and I am hot. They tell me to quit bragging, however we all came to the decision that we will keep the temp 71 year round, and the director’s have jackets they wear in the office. I told them I can’t take anything else off, but they can put more on. 🙂 I am lucky to have understanding and I can’t wait until these hot flashed leave forever……… So I am still hot, but they come in flashes.

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