Today Is Going To Be Awesome

I hope you are feeling awesome today. I’m going to go out on a limb here and proclaim, even if you aren’t feeling awesome-yet, today is going to be awesome.

Do you ever wake up on a work day morning and think, “Another day going to work, taking the kids to day care, cooking dinner, and going to sleep. Is that all there is to life?” There are days we feel that way and there are weeks when we feel that way. We think, “Is this all there is—going to work, doing chores, paying bills, and hanging out with friends?”

But do you know what? Every day can be awesome for us. It’s a state of mind. I’ve gotten on a good walking routine in the morning. At first, this started out for medical reasons—I have to walk at least a half hour each day. But now, the walking is one of the best times of day for me because I take in the scenery, enjoy time with my 2 Golden Retrievers, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate being alive.

You don’t have to wait for something amazing to happen in your life to have an awesome day.

When you are at work, instead of just pushing through your “to do” list or stack, realize your potential to think, absorb and take action. This is awesome! Not everyone gets to do that. At the office, don’t just stay glued to your computer or laptop or mobile device… look around once and awhile at the people in your office, notice the scenery around you. Do you have windows to peak out and take in nature? When meeting with your executive, instead of racing through a list of action items, hold a real conversation with each other and enjoy ‘Human Moments.’

Do you see, my friends, life is grand and you need to look for that every day? In this season of gratitude, I am so grateful for innumerable people and things in my life, especially all of you who are Monday Motivator fans.

This week please pay attention to your remarkable life and all the great people and opportunities that are placed in front of you each and every day.

Joan Burge


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