Where Will You Be Five Years From Now?

While going through the books in my office last week, I was reminded of an incredible book called FIVE: Where Will You Be Five Years From Now? It is one of the most inspiring books I have read in a long time. More than inspiring, it helps you dig deep down to uncover what’s important to you, your 5 top values, life’s mission, and more. While we teach goal setting in our Star Achievement Series®, I find the author’s approach to the subject matter in this book amazing. I love the way the author crafted his messages, and it is visually appealing. So much so that I like to set my copy out decoratively on my desk or side table (of course it’s RED!)

Let’s do an exercise: Think about the next 5 years of your life from the context of what are you going to do within the next 5 years of your life. Your future comes quickly. Your future will be your present before you know it. Just think about how it did not seem long ago that we were all nervous about the new millennium. Here we are 15 years later.

Whether you are 25 or 65, the next 5 years of your life matter. Let’s break it down even further. The next 5 months of your life matter; the next 5 weeks, the next 5 days, the next 5 hours and the next 5 minutes all matter. You know why? Because you will never have that time in your life again. You can’t go back.

One of the many thought-provoking quotes in the book is: “Live your life on purpose.” I interpret that to live your life with passion and a mission; to do something every day that has meaning to you. It means to take responsibility for your career, personal growth and choose what you do with your time wisely. It also means that you should not worry about what everyone else wants you to do or what they think is right for you. That doesn’t mean that we don’t bounce ideas off others, seek mentors, or the advice of another. It does mean that ultimately everything is our choice. That is great news!

Do you understand how exciting this is? Can you fully grasp the concept of this thought? At the beginning of every year, just about every person I know says, “I am going to do “X” differently this year. I’m going to get healthy. I’m going to have better relationships; achieve my dream job” and so forth. It’s easy to start a new year enthusiastically. It is more important that we keep our goals and dreams in front of us throughout the year.

I was also happy to see one page in this book called TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday). The first sentence by Dan Zadra is “Dreading Mondays is a ridiculous way to spend one-seventh of your life, but that’s the weird habit that millions of people have fallen into.”

So, embrace Mondays. Be happy you are at work and that you have a place that needs you and your great talents! Commit to spreading your wings throughout 2015.


Joan Burge


P.S. If you decide you want to purchase a copy of the book I mention above please know it’s part of our 25% off anniversary sale and we have a limited supply available. No code necessary, discount will be reflected at the checkout process.



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