12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Live Your BIG Life in 2017

Are you ready to live your BIG life in 2017? This free webinar is a great place to get started with your plan.

Joan asked, have you heard of “Live a BIG Life” and 76% of our live audience had never heard of it. It’s about courage, faith, risk-taking, overcoming obstacles, becoming who you were meant to be and more! In this webinar Joan talks about gratitude, Red Lipstick ON! the mantra, letting your super-woman go missing in action, living your BIG life and so much more.

Watch the webinar replay of Live Your BIG Life


Important Webinar Resources

Download the Handout: day-6-live-a-big-life-handout

Download the Chat Archive: Day 6 Chat Archive 12 Days

Download your Certificate of Attendance: Certificate-Of-Attendance-Live A BIG Life


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