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This administrative professional, Seething in the South, asks us:

What do you do? How do you handle…..a Manager who doesn’t acknowledge or respect my contributions? This isn’t the first time I’ve been dissed.

Part of me says to put on your big girl pants and ignore it—AGAIN, and part of me says address it to clear the air, but then be labeled a typical, needy, overly-sensitive female (yes, he’s a known chauvinist).

This happened yesterday:

One of my responsibilities is coordinating all of our Company finances into a Quarterly Report with a lengthy CEO letter that all gets processed in In-Design. I’ve been doing it for many years.

I have been requested to cover for the CEO’s EA while on maternity leave. I needed to prepare the Board Presentation and communicate directly with our the EAs of our outside Board members. I was honored as it’s a highly-visible project and was up for the task. It also meant I needed to learn a completely new data-sharing software package. It’s a very busy time for me because the Quarterly Report gets processed at the same time but I knew I could do it and I did.

Long story, my Manager sent a thank you, great job, presentation was great, etc. and you all can take a day off an email to the entire team working on this, except for me. I found this out because a recipient of the email forwarded it to me. I’m upset because I went above and beyond to get this done and didn’t even get a thank you. No acknowledgment that it was a lot of extra work and learning outside of my normal. I could care less about the day off...but a little thanks goes a long way.


Oh my. What an interesting situation. Here we have an administrative professional that sounds like she did an amazing job covering and learning what was necessary but wasn’t thanked accordingly. So, how do we address this? Or do we because it’s expected that we have to go above and beyond in situations like this? What do you think this seething administrative professional should do?

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