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BIG ENERGY: Create More Balance


Why spend 1/7 of your life dreading a day of the week?

Executive and administrative professionals expend a tremendous amount of energy. I know because I worked in the field for 20+ years. And I also know because I have observed and coached executive assistants at their workspaces for over 25 years. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to support an executive, multiple managers or a department. And yet, that is what administrative professionals do so well!

Caution: You want to be careful that you aren’t giving all your energy to your Career Pillar and have nothing left for the other 4 Pillars of life: Family, Financial, Spiritual and Wellness. In one way, that is difficult for me to tell you that because: 1) I give everything I’ve got to my work; 2) I teach executives and administrative professionals how to operate with excellence. Yet, I personally know and preach that we must give equal attention to the Pillars over time, i.e., a month; a year.


How Administrative Assistants Can Create More Balance

Since you will be focused on your Career Pillar Monday through Friday (unless you are vacation), I want you to give special attention to your:

  1. Family Pillar at least 2 times this week (with 7 days being the week). Family includes neighbors, good friends, and pets.

  2. Financial Pillar at least 2 times during the week. Maybe you need to balance your checkbook, work on a realistic budget, watch your spending, or focus on your retirement plan.

  3. Spiritual Pillar at least 2 times during the week. This can include things like: meditation, attending a service, being in touch with nature, reading something inspirational, watching online service.

  4. Wellness Pillar 7 days! Yes, I said 7 days this week. Every day do something that impacts your wellness such as:

    Take a walk
    Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day
    Drink 8 glasses of water a day
    Stay away from sugary foods.
    Watch carbs; too many calories.
    Is there a vitamin you should be taken?
    We need natural Vitamin D, which we get from being in the sun—only 10 minutes.
    Hold a wellness competition for one week with your coworkers or your family members.

  5. Store some energy during the week so you can access it on the weekend.

  6. Get to bed early and get a good night’s rest so you have the energy to draw from the next day at work.

  7. We all tend to have a time of day when our energy peaks (mental and physical); at that time of day, tackle your most difficult or thought-provoking projects. Do more mundane tasks when your energy peak has lowered.

Bottom line: spread your energy (mental and physical) over the 5 Pillars of Life: Career, Family, Financial, Spiritual, and Wellness. These are all intertwined and the more we have them work in conjunction with each other, the stronger each Pillar is within itself. You will feel more balanced when your energy is spread over the 5 vs. having one or two Pillars take most of your energy.

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