Little Choices Make Big Impact

“Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

Little Choices Make Big Impact

Each Monday since January I’ve focused on the Year of BIG. We’ve talked about BIG Thoughts, Goals, Energy, Focus, Learning, Staying Power, and Change. The next four weeks our focus is on BIG Action. Every single day we’re faced with hundreds of choices, choices that are seemingly small and insignificant but have BIG impact on the outcome of our life. As the quote above from Abraham Lincoln reads, we’ll be as happy as we make up our minds to be, the responsibility is ours! Your long-term happiness isn’t determined by what others do. It is determined by what you do – are you making the effort? Earlier this year you likely set BIG Goals for yourself. Maybe you called them resolutions, dreams, intentions – whatever you called them, I’m sure you have them. You will meet those BIG goals you’ve set for yourself by hard work (sometimes a lot of hard work) and smart choices … and many of those choices will be little decisions over time that add up to BIG results.

What do little choices look like?

Many little choices make big impact when you’re making the better choice consistently. Let’s say I’m trying to get healthy, it’s an easy example that many can relate to. When I wake up in the morning I have the choice to press the snooze button and sleep in an extra 30 minutes or I can choose to get up and work out or go for a nice walk. Later that morning I have the choice to grab a donut on the way to work or have a healthy piece of fruit. Throughout my day, these options for choices keep reappearing. I have the choice to get up and go for a walk at break time or to down an extra cup of coffee and maybe one of the sugar cookies that are calling my name from the break room. You see, one little choice isn’t a big deal. It’s when all those little choices add up at the end of the day, week, month, and year… what have I accomplished for myself? How have those choices compounded over time for me? Did I gain energy or lethargy?

You can apply this “little choices make a BIG impact” theory to all five of your pillars. What little choices will change your Financial Pillar? What little choices can you make daily to impact your career pillar?

BIG Action is making better ‘little choices’ every single day.

For more on how to make better little choices, check out one of my favorite books by Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, The Compound Effect.


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