Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team

Office Dynamics launched a series of webinars this year and online courses. We have received numerous requests from assistants for permission to view our recorded or live webinars with their administrative peers or team. This seems to be a hot trend, learning as a team. Here’s some advice on how you can make training for your administrative team fun.

6 Tips To Make Learning Fun & Ensure Your Team Will Remember What They Learned

You and your administrative team can productively attend webinars and online courses: 

  • After viewing the session, take turns sharing the notes each person took. Sometimes one participant will hear something important that another did not catch. This will increase the value of your training.
  • Pause the session at any time and focus on the point the speaker just made. Drill down on the information that was presented. How can you apply it as administrative professionals or as a department?
  • Make a list of the top 3 key points each speaker presented. Then build a calendar for future lunch and learn sessions where attendees can bring new information that supports that topic.
  • For a course series, hold contests between sessions or at the end of the course. After each session, have attendees submit a short story on how they implemented an idea or used a strategy provided by the speaker. Ask a panel to select the best one; randomly draw a winner, or involve a manager in selecting the best one.
  • Suggest that each attendee view the online session prior to the live meeting as a group. Each person should bring one great take-away from the session they previewed to share with the class. Then discuss application of the information. How will you transfer what you learned to your workplace? Or, ask each person to create a fun learning activity to reinforce the information presented.
  • While viewing the webinar or online course together, create checklists from the learning session that attendees can use on their own or take back to the administrative professionals in their department.

You might want to test some of these ideas in April in honor of Administrative Professionals Week!  Have fun while learning—it is one of the best ways to make content “stick.”

Joan Burge


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16 thoughts on “Make Learning Fun For Your Admin Team”

  1. I am always sharing information I learn with other administrative professionals (and our administrators too). I have loved learning from Joan over the years. Thanks to you and Jasmine for keeping me inspired.

  2. I definitely like sharing notes and ideas on how we received information, one can hear things differently and perceptions.

  3. I like the suggestions in this article. Our administrative team is spread out over several buildings and cities, but we do have quarterly administrative team meetings. I’ll suggest this at our next meeting and see how receptive people are to participating. Thank you Joan for the great suggestion!

  4. Gina Van Dusen

    These are helpful comments. I hadn’t thought about a contest, thanks! How do you engage admins who do not like group activities?

  5. Joan, I greatly appreciate the plethora of free resources you have on your website. I am an admin between jobs and during this “downtime” I have watched every video and read every article you have made available. I also share information about resources such as yours with other admins. Thank you for your dedication to the field!

  6. Good Morning . . . .Today’s topic is so Timely as my HR department is starting to look at different ways to incorporate team learning for our admin’s and this article is perfect. I am definitely reporting back to them this information. Speaking of learning – I am so looking forward to today’s “free webinar” (thank you to Office Dynamics)!! Hope you all have a wonderful day and thank you for all of your “admin support”!!

  7. I like this idea Joan. Now to choose which one……there are so many good ones to choose from. I’m trying to come up with a different idea / thing to do / or give the admins in our Department each day of Professionals Week as not all the managers do something for their admin. Thank you for planting the seed.

  8. i fully support keeping each other informed and updated with new webinars and seminars. it can be hard in especially larger organizations for the admins to keep in touch with each other. this is a great way to share information, learn something new and just get to see each other in a more relaxed environment and enjoy each others company.

  9. Wow! What a great reminder to share with our colleagues. I never would have thought to view as a team and stop as you are viewing to make a point or emphasize an idea. Thanks, Joan!

  10. What great ideas for making learning fun! It’s important to keep admins engaged in the learning process. I can’t wait to try these ideas.

  11. These are great ideas to get more out of a webinar. The discussion and reinforcement will help you retain what you learned.

  12. Alas, I AM my team. 😀 I still believe I can use these points, modified, to learn more about a webinar or similar that I watch! Thank you!

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