7 Tips to Manage Time and Priorities

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I’m sure you can relate to this week’s message. My ‘To Do’ list is getting bigger and bigger; I am managing more people than ever before; and more people need my time and attention than ever before. Additionally, it is important for me to go to service on Sunday mornings and make time to see my children and grandchildren-family is very important to me. Then, probably like you, I run errands most of the day on Saturday. Whew. I’m worn out just thinking about it all. How about you? Do you feel the same way? Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who feels like I need an 8th day of the week and about 5 more hours a day. Even if that were to occur, it still would not be enough for all the things I want to do in life. Often I have to stop the cycle going in my mind, breathe, relax and regroup before moving forward. Like me, I’m sure you are in the a similar situation trying to manage time and priorities when we seem to have way too little time and way too many priorities. Here’s are some very simple tips, when practiced often can help you gain control over this overwhelm.

7 Tips to Manage Time and Priorities

  1. Determine what truly is important. What can wait? What absolutely cannot wait? What is the affect if you don’t do something or put it off until later in the week?
  2. Make a list. Each morning, make your own list of the top 5 priorities for the day, including your personal priorities.
  3. Consider another important list. Early in the day, ask your executive what are their top 3 priorities that involve you.
  4. Think of yourself as a juggler. A juggler has many balls up in the air but focuses on the one or two balls that are in their hands, at this moment. That is what I do and it really helps me. I have many projects, tasks, and to do’s in my peripheral vision but I am focused on what I am doing right this minute.
  5. Streamline your processes. As you go through your action items, ask yourself, “How can I streamline this; make it simpler, faster, easier, better?”
  6. Eliminate! Get rid of anything you don’t really need to do or keep.
  7. Delegate wherever possible. This includes delegating chores at home to your kids and husband or wife. It will be good for your kids and keep them from spending too much time with technology.

How Do You Manage Time and Priorities Effectively?

Now it’s your turn. What would you add to this list? What personally works for you? Please share in the comments below.


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