Managing Your Executive’s Day [Free Webinar Replay]


Managing Your Executive’s Day (October Free Webinar)

As an administrative professional, you probably already know that a big part of your job involves “managing” other people—namely, the Executive(s) you support. It’s your mission to ensure they have what they need to reach their goals. It’s about keeping them focused, minimizing their stress, and pointing them in the right direction so they actually achieve those goals. Their success absolutely relies on your successful execution of this critical role.

The problem, of course, is that we’re moving at Mach speed in today’s workplace. You hardly have enough time to manage your own priorities—much less worry about what your Executive is doing or not doing. How do you keep yourself on task while simultaneously ensuring your Executive’s day is running smoothly?

Thankfully, Joan Burge has been there and knows the strategies that make administrative professionals successful when dealing with this daunting part of the job. In this 1-hour webinar, she’s revealing some of her most valuable secrets and sharing simple ways to manage up effectively.

Learning Highlights

As an attendee, you will learn…

  • The single most important tool to overcome the dreaded mind reader expectation and really get your executive to participate in the partnership.
  • How to engage even the most tech savvy, independent executives who wants to handle everything themselves—and finally get them to release some control!
  • Strategies for becoming the Center of Influence, a key function that allows you to take more things off your executive’s plate.
  • How to “Save Your Executive From Herself” so she isn’t inadvertently sabotaging her own best efforts. (Yes, there IS a solution and Joan has it!!)
  • Tips for creating the “wow” factor with over-and-beyond techniques that build a stellar reputation (without killing your own productivity in the process).

Don’t let your executive self-destruct! Take control and embrace the power of your position with the tools offered in this webinar.

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Managing Your Executive’s Day Joan’s Talking Points for Attendees

Managing Your Executive’s Day Recommended Resources

Can’t view the program through the link above? Try viewing on YouTube at this link.


UPDATED: PART 2, The Conversation Continues in video below. 



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