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The Power of a Winning Attitude

We talk to ourselves all day. We either feed ourselves with positive, uplifting affirmations or affirm how things aren’t going our way, work is overwhelming, or life is just too difficult. The great news is that we can change our thinking which improves our attitude which leads to positive movement and great energy. I’ll share a little secret with you. I’ve owned Office Dynamics since 1990. We specialize in professional training, development and information for administrative professionals and their executives. It has not always been an easy road. In fact, there were several times where sheer staying power pushed us through challenging times. I would tell myself over and over “I will win!” I am a victor over my circumstances. And do you know what, eventually we won. You can do the same thing. Maybe you need a big dose of staying power at work right now or maybe something is going on in your family or your finances. No matter how frustrated or discouraged you might feel, don’t give up. It may take months or even years to get where you want to be or be able to send your kids to a great school or get the job promotion you desire . . . just keep telling yourself, “I will win no matter how long it takes.” Maybe this is a good time to reflect on goals you set early in the year that you have not yet achieved. If it is a worthy goal or mission, be persistent. See yourself as being stronger than anything life throws your way. How can you put the power of a winning attitude to work?

  1. Are you ready to give up talking to your manager because he or she never listens to you? You need to work on your communication skills and being more assertive to gain attention. Maybe you have to present your information in a different way or format. Even changing a few words can make a huge difference.
  2. Do you have a great idea on how to streamline processes but feel it is an uphill battle getting others to change? Remember . . . change takes time. If you have a good idea, especially when it comes to streamlining processes, keep pushing forward. If you can find even one person to make a change, it then can snowball. Be patient and again, assess your communication skills and develop persuasion skills.
  3. Is there a co-worker who continues to give you a hard time? Continue to be nice to that person. I have learned over 42 years in the workplace, that most difficult people, have a soft spot inside. See them as a challenge and how soon you can get them to crack a smile. Have fun with it!
  4. Are you learning a new software program? Taking on a new task or project and feel like you are struggling or don’t have enough time to learn. Remember… staying power.
  5. Have you been trying to get permission to attend a conference or training program and got turned down? Don’t give up. Try a different approach. Be persuasive and show the benefits to your manager or company. Focus on selling the benefits to you, your leader, and organization.
  6. Your Inbox is growing faster than you can keep up with? Hang in there. Take baby steps and you will conquer the email dragon. TIP: just because someone sends you an e-mail, it does not mean the most effective way to respond is in another e-mail. Think about your goal in communicating and pick up the phone or walk over and talk to the person when appropriate. This actually will save time.

What would you like to add or share about the Power of a Winning Attitude? Please share in the comments below and join the conversation. You can also check out my audio cd, Success Is 90% Attitude. Wishing you a fantastic week of winning at the game of life! Joan Burge   Image Courtesy:  



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