Uplifting Positive Self-Talk

When you are feeling “less than best” (and we all do from time to time), it helps to rely upon a technique I call Uplifting Positive Self-Talk. This will increase your confidence and allow you to approach the day with a positive frame of mind.

It is fairly simple to do – which is why I’m amazed more people don’t use it!

Here’s how Positive Self-Talk works:

First, you make a conscious choice to cut off negative thinking when it strikes. Negative thoughts happen to all of us. But it’s how well we manage them that ultimately determines the degree to which we’ll succeed in life.

Next, you intentionally replace the negativity with a positive thought – one you truly believe. This puts your mindset back on the right track so you remain even more productive, effective and satisfied in your job and personal life.

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Here are some examples of Positive Self Talk that will lift your spirits:

  • “I can handle this situation.
  • “I value excellence, not perfection.”
  • “I offer a unique perspective that’s worth sharing.”
  • “I am capable of greatness- in character, ability, confidence, and potential.”
  • “If other people can do this, so can I.”
  • “I can and will learn something from every piece of feedback I receive.”
  • “I am able to manage my thoughts and myself.”
  • “I can change my perspective any time I choose.”
  • “I am intelligent, worthwhile and strong.”
  • “My confidence makes the difference between success now or success later.”
  • “I can accomplish almost anything if I put my mind to it.”

Note that the key is putting yourself first! The words “I” or “my” can be found in every sentence and above- as it should be when choosing confidence. Think of yourself like an engine that runs, not on gas, but on positive energy. The more good energy you feed yourself, the farther you’ll go- making an even greater impact in the workplace and on your personal life.

Enjoy your week – one that’s negativity-free and positive through and through!


P.S. Let us know what your Uplifting Positive Self-Talk phrases are to boost your personal level of confidence. Share by commenting below.


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