5 Ways To Amplify Your Personal Brand

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” ~ Seth Godin

It’s no secret the world has changed. You are doing more with less. Things are moving at the speed of light. And Google has become the new resume. The question is … what are you doing about it?

How are you standing out? What are your points of distinction? And most importantly, how are you articulating that to your clients, your prospects, your boss, and your leadership?

The real challenge in today’s society is simply getting the attention of the people that can buy from you, hire you, promote you and/or recommend you. You have to find a way to stand out and you have to do it in a way that is authentically you. This doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert in order to “stand out”. You can be your amazing introverted self and still find a way to rise above the noise.

Bottom line: If you want to build career stability you need to be looking for ways to amplify your brand. And you have to do it now. The world is moving way too fast. The competition is way too fierce. It’s not “if” the economy will shift again, it’s “when”. So, what are you doing to protect the largest asset you own … the brand of YOU?

Here are 5 things you can do right now to turn up the volume on your personal brand:

1. Live in Permanent Beta
It’s hard to get stuck somewhere old when you are always learning something new. This is what permanent beta is all about. It is about making a lifelong commitment to continual personal development. How do you do this? A few ideas:

  • Attend industry conferences.
  • Take a class at a local university.
  • Watch 2-­‐3 TED Talks per week. I literally write these into my weekly calendar to make it a priority.
  • READ! There is a study that shows if you read just 10 minutes per day, which typically equates to 10 pages per day, you will have read approximately Nineteen (19) 200-page
    books! Imagine how much your life will change if you are reading 19 life, business and personal development books a year. #MicDrop

2. Know Your Points of Distinction
Before you brand yourself you have to understand yourself. Do you know what makes you different than everyone else out there that does what you do? What sets you apart? What makes you unique? No one does it your way. No one has your unique set of skills, gifts and ideas. So be proud of who you are and own it! You should be able to answer these 2 questions:

  1. A company would hire you (or promote you) over another event professional because?
  2. What do you offer that’s hard to come by?

3. Promote Yourself Internally
You have to find ways to stand out within your current organization. When push comes to shove, will you be the one they can’t live without? Are you the one that provides the most value? Here are some things you can start doing at work right now:

  • Read the industry pubs and blogs, and then share articles and ideas with your team, leadership, boss and/or other departments that could help them do their jobs better or motivate them.
  • Volunteer to lead the next sales or team meeting to share that really cool idea you learned from the last book you read or the last industry conference you attended.
    Mentor someone in the company.
  • Start a task force to help solve a problem you see happening.
  • Always be looking for ways to help other people within your organization get what THEY want or need.

4. Promote Yourself Externally
You also have to put yourself out there on a larger scale. If you really want to expand your network you need a seat at the table. We are so lucky to work in an industry where you have so many choices to get involved at your fingertips. A few ways to start include:

  • Lead and volunteer within an industry organization -­‐ this right here is the secret sauce to all career success. So pick an industry association and get involved!
    Sit on industry panels.
  • Speak at the next conference.
  • Get published in a trade pub or start a personal blog.
  • Join Social Media Groups and be active by providing value and sharing resources to help others solve problems.

5. Ignore the Haters
I saved my favorite for last. This is the golden nugget. I bet the #1 reason you don’t put yourself out there is you are worried what other people will think. That they will judge you, make fun of you, or find you annoying. Guess what? People already don’t like you, find you annoying and are judging you. The Q is: Who are you living your life for? You … or them!

By mixing up a recipe of these branding ingredients. You WILL amplify your brand. You will expand your network. You will create a competitive edge. Life is too short to blend in. Plus, who wants to stay stuck, and safe, and just the same?

The world needs that special gift only YOU have.

By Judi Holler

Judi is an expert on personal branding who helps professionals learn how to expand their network, embrace fear and get a competitive edge. Judi will be speaking at our 24th Annual Conference For Administrative Excellence in October.



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16 thoughts on “5 Ways To Amplify Your Personal Brand”

  1. Thanks for this article. I’ve never really thought of someone having a “brand,” but after reading the tips, I am apparently doing some of the things to promote my brand, esp #1 and #3. I recently enrolled in an HR basics class, which isn’t relevant to my current position, but I’m learning about a field in which I’ve been interested for a while. I’m also planning to sign up to take a basic foreign language class. which also isn’t relevant to my position, but both classes are evidence that I’m committed to personal and professional development. As for promoting myself internally, I’ve found ways to make myself valuable to the organization. I’ve changed and streamlined some processes, I express to my supervisors other skills that I have, I often communicate & network with individuals in other departments to learn more about how their role interacts with mine (seeing how all the pieces go together), and I’ve demonstrated my interest in other areas of the organization by applying for internal positions. I think my branding has helped b/c we are currently undergoing a downsizing, and I’m fortunate to be one of the employees that will be remaining in the organization following the layoff.

  2. Victoria Prestia

    I read and listen at work to learn more about the company and what they do. I go to our company website and read what the company is implementing and awards. I attend free webinars.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to self-promote and all the great ideas on how to do this. I especially like #5. It reminds me of something that someone said to me once “What others think of me is none of my business”.

  4. These points really speak to me. I have gotten stuck in a rut and really wasn’t expanding. I tried to have a low profile because I knew there were people that didn’t like me. Now I know I need to get out there and expand upon my best qualities.

  5. Thanks for these – really helpful and so true! I especially like the last one because so many of us are paralyzed by our people-pleasing tendencies and won’t take a leap we need to make because others might not approve for one reason or another.

  6. I love TED Talks. I receive a weekly email from TED that contains three talks. I do have lots of personal development books I’ve started but never finished. I like the 10 minute-a-day approach. John Maxwell is one of my favorite authors.

  7. What a way to end Administrative Professionals Week! This is, if not my favorite, definitely a top 3 post for me this week. I’ve never heard of Judi Holler, but I’m instantly a fan. Her writing style really speaks to me. Such a motivating force!! Can’t wait to dig into her site and learn more!!

  8. This is good information. We all have a brand, whether we know it or not. Everything we post on social media is part of our brand. Have you “googled” yourself? I just did that and was surprised by some of what showed up. I encourage everyone to be aware of their brand and consciously develop it.
    I think the question, “Who are you living your life for?” is powerful. I spent so many years of my life living for others; being more concerned about what they thought of me than what I thought. I still struggle to some extent, but not nearly as much. The freedom of living my life for me is fantastic!

  9. I’m still trying to understand this branding thing, so I appreciate any information I can read on the subject. Thank you for this article.
    Wendy 🙂

  10. Good stuff. “Help other people within your organization get what THEY want or need” stopped me in my tracks. What a counterintuitive, fresh perspective – by helping others, you promote yourself. Puts me in mind of how competitive admins can sometimes be when they view each other as a threat instead of working together and building each other up.

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