The Power of Resilience

6 Steps to Being Resilient

STAYING POWER: The Power of Resilience

Staying power requires that we be resilient. We have to be resilient to changes at work and home life; changes in the economy and world events. How many times in life did you feel like you finally got things in order only to get side-swiped?

Every day we are faced with unexpected events, constant changes, information overload, upheaval, time compression, a multitude of personalities, technology excess and much more. The people who can be pliable, flexible, adaptable and resilient are the ones who will thrive.

What does the power of resilience look like?

Something I love about living in Las Vegas is all the beautiful palm trees. We can get very strong winds in Las Vegas—up to 50 or 60 mph. I’ve watched the palm trees many times when the winds kick up and notice how these huge, strong beautiful trees bend with the wind, but never break. Every time I think of being resilient, I see myself like a palm tree. While I may bend way beyond my comfort zone, I see myself with the power of resilience – standing strong. Like any other skill we develop for the workplace, we can develop being resilient.

6 Steps to Being Resilient

  1. Deep down, know that you are stronger than anything that comes your way. Whatever you are thrown at work, you can do it.
  2. Push yourself to do things at work or home that make you uncomfortable. Select things that make you stretch mentally or physically; take baby steps to gain confidence and see results.
  3. When you can’t control the changes that are taking place around you, change your thinking. Look for the opportunity in change, instead of danger.
  4. Create an invisible bubble around you. I have an invisible bubble I take with me everywhere I go. This bubble keeps away people’s negative thoughts, comments and attitudes. When someone tries to place their fears, doubts, and pessimism on me, it bounces away from me. I choose to not absorb.
  5. Eat properly, get exercise and get a good night’s sleep. Seriously folks, if we do not take care of our bodies, we will falter at being resilient. It will be much harder to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. When we are physically at our best, we will effectively deal with the challenges at work.
  6. Embrace the changes that are taking place or not taking place that you wish would occur. Be open to any lessons you might need to learn. (Review the 11 Tips to Relax Your Mind for more on this one.)

As you focus on this week, where do you most need to apply resilience? Please share in the comments below.




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