Living The BIG Life Principles

I’m wondering how many of you were reached with my BIG Life principles. I am curious if I clearly communicated what I mean by a “BIG Life.”

Throughout the years, I have focused on the different aspects of BIG Life. Themes included BIG: Thoughts; Goals; Energy; Focus; Learning; Staying Power; Change; Action; Choices; Resilience; Celebration. In fact, in 2014, I released a series of videos on my Joan Burge BIG Life YouTube Channel.

Here are some core principles on living a BIG Life from my book, Give Yourself Permission to Live a BIG Life.

BIG Life Principles

  • The depth and breadth of your life are more important than the number of years you live.
  • You are designed for greatness. Are you allowing yourself to become all you were destined to be?
  • Be grateful every day—not just when life is going your way. Every single day we can find several things for which to be grateful. These should be written in a special journal at the end of the day before you turn out the light. It will help you sleep better! This practice is especially important when you have had a rough day.

A BIG Life is supported by 5 Pillars.

Be a self-leader in each Pillar. Do not wait for others to lead the way. As you self-lead, you will become a role model for others. You will be more confident and see results in each Pillar. You will feel empowered and excited about being an inspiration to others.

The 5 Pillars are interwoven and impact each other. For example:

  • Financial fitness helps physical wellness. You will be able to provide for your family and take them on that special vacation.
  • Career helps with financial which means you can pay your bills, maintain your home and support a local cause.
  • When we are spiritually connected, we operate at a higher level and experience more meaningful relationships.
  • Being connected to family is essential to a happy and healthy life. Family includes pets, good neighbors and friends, strong community groups.
  • Taking care of our bodies and fueling them with the right foods or activity trigger the “happy” endorphins which stimulate creative thinking and help manage stress. Wellness impacts all the other Pillars.

If you are going to live a BIG Life, you have to make time for yourself! You cannot take care of and support the people you really care about if you have not made time for yourself. You need to regroup with yourself; recoup your energy or just get away from it all for a few days so you can come back to your daily life with renewed energy. This is one of the best gifts you can give those you love.

Are you living a BIG life or a busy life? People who live a BIG life are busy. However, they are selective about what they involve themselves in.

They choose to do things that have an impact and make a difference. Or they choose to pay attention to their kids while dining at a restaurant rather than being on their phones. Are you filling your life with activities and projects that are fulfilling or just keep you busy? Are you afraid to have quiet time as part of your busy life?

If we are going to live a BIG Life, we have to be courageous and resilient. We must tell ourselves “I choose to be a victor over my circumstances.”  Make sure you don’t play the victim role for too long when life throws you a curveball or your job isn’t going the way you want, or your boss isn’t making your job interesting. When you feel overwhelmed or challenged, put on your “Warrior Armor” and move forward.

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