how to present data to your executive

How to Present Data to Your Executive

Business is becoming increasingly complex and data is becoming extremely important in order for companies to be able to stay ahead of the curve; remain current and be competitive. Executives need to make decisions that ensure the success of the entire company.

Conveying data in a meaningful and clear way is not is as easy as it sounds. This presentation will walk you through three ways to present data clearly and provide three tips to find ways to communicate data-based information for your Executive to get the longer view they need to make good business decisions.

Some Executive Assistants are also not comfortable with presenting financial data, yet if you can learn that skill, it will be yet another value-add service that you can provide to your Executive to enable good decision making. This presentation will also give you three ways to present financial information and three tips for giving your Executive the information they need to create success.

Click the video icon below to view the conversation: How to Present Data and Financial Information to Your Executive

how to present data to your executive

Summary: Tell a Story

Understand WHAT you are presenting, it helps you gather the correct information and lay the foundation for the story.

Understand WHY this is important and WHO is going to use this. This creates the emotional and intellectual context to the story and allows people to remember it more clearly.

Understand HOW it needs to be presented for the audience to take in the information and exceed their expectations in terms of creating a clear understanding of the data you presented and what it means.

Keep it SIMPLE! With so much information out there it is easy to collect too much and overwhelm not only yourself, but your Executive. Stick to the story you are telling for one, clear purpose.

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