Why it’s Worth Sending Your Administrative Assistant to a Conference


“Why is it worth sending my administrative assistant to a conference?” is a question that a lot of executives ask themselves when they know there is so much free content on the internet their assistant can learn from.

However, we all know that attending an in-person administrative conference is light years ahead of watching an online webinar.

Besides all the fun perks, the chance to travel to a new city, and once in a lifetime experiences there are more reasons to invest in your administrative and executive assistant.

Knowledge. Conferences are the best place to discover new trends and practices. Administrative assistants from around the world gather at the Conference for Administrative Excellence and share their stories, experiences, and best practices with one another. This creates a vast pool of knowledge and potential.

Top Minds. Conferences not only attract those that want to excel in their work but they also attract some of the top minds and trail blazers of the industry. The speakers that come to the Conference for Administrative Excellence not only have worked for some of the biggest names but have also established themselves as distinguished figures in the administrative and executive assistant industry.

Discovery. Attending a conference will allow your administrative or executive assistant to discover new trends, techniques, groundbreaking ideas, and practices that will help propel them and your business to new heights.

Networking. Attending a conference will allow the attendees to surround themselves with like-minded people that strive to exceed the expectations of their managers and executives. By surrounding themselves with these type of hard working individuals it allows them to make connections that could not only last a life time but carry on to future business ventures.

Taking a step away. Sometimes taking a step away can lead to a greater solution and by attending a conference your administrative or executive assistant will be given the chance to step away from their current work (momentarily) and put their focus on something else that is constructive and beneficial for the business long-run.

Investing in your administrative or executive assistant is not just an investment in them, it is an investment in your company and your company’s future. The Conference for Administrative Excellence has been providing some of the industry’s best practices to administrative assistants and executive assistants from around the world, for decades. Click here, to learn more about the Conference for Administrative Excellence.



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