BIG ENERGY: Mental Energy Significantly Improves Productivity

Motivation For WomanWhether you are going out tonight and celebrating or just sitting home, we all need to draw on mental energy to do our jobs. However, we have all gotten in the habit of running on autopilot in many aspects of our jobs. Just think . . . how many things do you do throughout the day at work that you don’t even stop and really think about what to do or say? How many times do you just whiz through responding to emails to get them out of your Inbox? What about the times you set up meetings for your executive without really thinking through every detail because you have done it one hundred times? And don’t forget your morning routine when you walk into the office. Most people have a routine in starting their work day.


While that may work for you just fine, to be a peak performer, you actually have to put more thought into the mundane things you do every day. You should be looking at ways to increase your productivity, streamline processes, and go the extra mile.


More than the daily “stuff,” we need an extra boost of mental energy when we have to tackle tough projects, develop new concepts or products, delicately manage an immediate stressful situation, and deal with an immediate crisis. We need tons of mental energy at that moment.  Most people find that mental toughness and energy when they need it but often crash after. When that happens to you, take a short mental break and then get back into tasks and projects that stimulate your thinking. That is how you stay fresh and will be able to apply new concepts to your daily routines.


Administrative and executive assistants; managers and executives need to access a great deal of mental energy in today’s business world. So what can you do?


  1. Clear your mind of the little stuff. We get so bogged down with the little tasks we want to do that we clutter our mind. Then there is no room for the really important work.
  2. Read articles, blog posts, news items, e-zines and other items that stimulate your thinking.
  3. On the days you are physically at work, but not mentally there, force the course of your thinking. I have had to do this especially after big events or after training assistants for 3 or 4 full days and then I have to be back in the office on client phone calls, leading my team, working with other vendors, writing my next speech. It doesn’t matter that I am mentally tired, I have to “kick” into gear and sometimes very quickly. So I personally know we can do this. The mind is very powerful and we can make it work “for us” instead of against us.
  4. Take a break. Maybe you need to get away from your desk for a while. Take a walk outside, if possible or walk around your building.
  5. If your company has a gym, working out is a great way to awaken your mental energy. I often work out during the week, after work. It gives me that extra upsurge I need for the rest of the night and can accomplish more things at home that night than on the nights I don’t work out.


What do you do to increase your mental energy?


Joan Burge

monday motivators


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