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Webinar Replay Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge

Our webinar replay for Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge is now available for viewing.

Leverage your skills and help your Executive achieve his or her goals by creating a positive reputation both inside and outside the organization.

Learning Highlights

As an attendee, you will learn…

  • What “being competitive” really means (for you and your Executive) and why it’s so important to long-term professional success.
  • The 7 key categories of competitive strength you can offer your Executive and how to incorporate them into your daily activities.
  • Simple strategies to engage your mind, think ahead and manage perceptions both internally and externally.
  • Specific actions you must take now to help your Executive leverage your skills and abilities.
  • Learning how to illuminate your Executive’s shining star will be a great reflection on you!

Watch the replay below. 


In our monthly webinars, Joan speaks for about 40-45 minutes and she then opens it up to a Q&A. Questions can also be added here, in the comments section. We would love to continue this conversation with you.

Program Notes

Pre-webinar, review page 1 of your handout to learn how to get the most from this webinar.

#1 Know Your Industry

Resources shared in the comments & mentioned by Joan

#2 Be a Professional Agent of Your Company

#3 Follow Up

  • While you were out email updates
  • Follow-up systems such as Outlook Tasks, Gannt Chart within SharePoint, Evernote and more (what are you using? Share in the comments.)

#4 Get to Know Who’s Who

  • What tools are you using for creating an org chart (Joan mentions adding photos to them, share below.)

#5 Be a Master of Time

#6 Raise the Bar

#7 Stay Current on Technology


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4 thoughts on “Webinar Replay Helping Your Executive Maintain a Competitive Edge”

  1. I watched the webinar on 10/28/16. I clicked off and then realized I didn’t print the certificate. Is there a way to get the certificate?

    This was one of the best webinars I have watched. Thank you

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