Free Webinar Replay: Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career

Our free webinar series includes a free webinar offered each month. In this month’s program we covered the topic: Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career. 

Learning Highlights From Webinar:

How to identify the fears holding you back from living your best life.

  • 7 surefire steps to conquer fear confidently and courageously—including a real-world example of the process in action.
  • What “courage” actually is and what it is NOT. (Hint: This is a critical distinction many people don’t understand!)
  • A simple, effective exercise for evaluating your courage in the workplace.

(We are re-sharing and re-posting this link due to technical errors with the first post.)


Access the Webinar Replay:



If you’re unable to access the webinar replay from the link above. Please try this YouTube link:


Webinar Materials to Download:

Before you view the webinar, please download the companion handout to use for your notes.  dont-let-fear-sink-your-career-webinar-handout

The chat discussion was lively throughout the webinar. If you’re like me, you were busy paying attention to the content and missed some of the discussion. To go back and review some of the discussion notes you can access the chat archive here. september-2016-chat-archive

Once you have completed this webinar, Don’t Let Fear Sink Your Career, you may download the Certificate of Attendance to keep in your learning records.  certificate-of-attendance-dont-let-fear-sink-your-career (fill your name in on the line provided.)


Simon Sinek video mentioned by Joan.


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  1. Michelle Nuslein

    Can you provide the link to the Simon Sinek – Inquest link you mentioned? I would love to see it! Thank you! Michelle

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