Overworked But Underutilized: Go From Order Taker to Cognitive Being

Are You Overworked But Underutilized?

One of the most common complaints we hear from modern administrative professionals is that they feel busy—overwhelmed even—but they still aren’t really being utilized. The problem? Today’s tech-savvy executives are independent and self-sufficient, and many don’t even know how to leverage an assistant. As a result, you’re left stifled, with a to-do list full of mundane tasks but still unable to contribute the value you’re truly capable of.

Sound familiar? Joan Burge, CEO of Office Dynamics, has been in your shoes, and she’s overcome these exact same challenges. Today, after 25+ years as the top trainer of administrative professionals, Joan believes the solution requires a fundamental shift in approach—going from “order taker” to “cognitive being.” This core philosophy involves changing how you see your role and how you interact with your partner(s). Simply by engaging your intellect in new ways, you have the power to maximize your administrative potential.

In this webinar, Joan will share some of her time-tested strategies to help you escape the everyday monotony and experience true administrative power.

Learning Highlights:
As an attendee, you will learn…

  • How to tell if you’re productive or just busy. (Hint: There’s a difference!)
  • Simple tips to make those mundane but necessary tasks more interesting and engaging.
  • Strategies for successfully managing up and getting your executive(s) to delegate more.
  • Tools to train your executive how to leverage your talents (and sell the idea to even the most stubborn leaders!).
  • How to create challenging new opportunities in your role.

Stop waiting for direction; create your own direction! We’ll show you how to do it the right way.

This webinar is essential for you if you’ve ever wondered…

  • How to manage up
  • How to get my boss to delegate more
  • How to be a better assistant
  • How to leverage my talents at work
  • How to be more valuable at work
  • How to be more challenges at work

Update: This webinar has already taken place but it’s not too late to view the replay. Click here for access to this free event.


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12 thoughts on “Overworked But Underutilized: Go From Order Taker to Cognitive Being”

    1. Hello, Susan. Your comment went to a spam filter so it’s taken a few days for us to reply because we didn’t see it before today. I’ve registered you for the event. It may be a firewall or browser that blocked the registration page for you.

  1. Hello – Your link to register isn’t working properly. I have clicked on it several times, closed the site, reopened it and clicked again – nothing is happening. Can you resend the link? I would like to attend this seminar.

    Thank you,
    Gerrie Gardner

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