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5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job

Author: OfficeNinjas

Editor’s Note: This is a revised version of an original post from the OfficeNinjas blog.

You connect the dots between departments, have mastered the art of juggling competing work priorities, all while keeping the lights on and often acting as director of first impressions.

We know being an Office Ninja is no easy feat—more often than not, you’re the nerve center of the business.

Maybe you thrive in a support role and genuinely enjoy helping others, or perhaps it’s that you get to witness the brain trust in action day in and day out. Either way, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and sometimes, you need a reminder of all the loveable parts of your job.

So, let’s take a look at the reasons why being a Ninja is sheer awesomeness:

Variety is The Spice of (Work) Life

variety is the spice of lifeIt’s no secret that admin professionals rack up tons of knowledge on dozens of office topics and that no two days are ever the same. You’re not just turning one wheel of the bus to keep it going forward—you’re the linchpin of the organization.

Whether it’s finding the right caterer, meeting global counterparts from international office locations or brushing off your creative skills to whip up a spiffy PowerPoint presentation, you love tackling projects outside of your job scope (and even get excited at the opportunity!).

Having the ability to work on things outside of my day to day duties, such as projects and initiatives that impact the company and outside of it. I don’t ever feel as if I’m bound to my desk or not able to work on things that are important to me.” – Katie N.

Nurture is Your Nature

nurturing natureHelping people is just in your nature. When you achieve your goals, you know it helps your team tenfold. No matter the task, you bask in the joy that comes with knowing it’s your effort that positively impacts the team and keeps things running smoothly.

A perk is knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life. Even if the difference was leaving to go to their child’s soccer game and be guilt free.” – Melissa S.

In Good Company

in good company
Working as an admin professional often means working closely with leadership positions and essentially acting as project manager for the C-suite.

There’s no better way to acquire business acumen than by witnessing first-hand how strategic decisions are made. Taking minutes may not seem glamorous but you can’t beat front row seats to seeing the company’s inner circle in action. It brings a whole new meaning to learning on the job.

I consider the biggest perks learning by osmosis by being in the same room as Fortune 100 execs.” – Kiyomi D.

Always In the Know

always in the knowWorking closely with leadership brings another tangible benefit: you’re always in the loop.

The biggest perk for me is working directly with leadership. I never have to question what’s going on behind the scenes because I’m ‘in the loop’—takes the fear and insecurity that comes with a lot of roles these days away.” – Stephanie P.  

Not only are you the gatekeeper to your exec but also the information that flows in and out of their office. You get to see many moving parts of the business, which can give you a better sense of security than any pep talk ever could.

Knowing what goes on in the background, good or bad, does provide some sense of security.” – Bobbie-Anne L.

Having a Voice

having a voice in the workplaceBeing the knowledge bank of the group means colleagues will come to you for advice or insights. Knowing that your words aren’t falling on deaf ears is gratifying and shows that you’re respected and trusted within the office.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that a stigma surrounding admin roles still exists but as any Ninja knows, it takes skill, smarts and a whole lot of common sense—attributes not everyone possesses. And it’s one of the few jobs that can go from zero to full speed in no time.

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19 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job”

  1. This is a great article and so true. I love my job for many of these reasons. And I like being in the loop. Sometimes whether you are in the loop or not has to do with your immediate supervisor. I had one supervisor that had some control issues and I was always in the dark. Things are so much better now that I have a different one.

  2. I’ve gained confidence over the years and it’s helped me relax and do what I do best: support. I can relate to the above..hoping that makes me at least a yellow belt ninja! I love spices 🙂 , to nurture and being in the know. I’m finding my voice and am learning to “Lean In” whenever possible. Sometimes I hit my target; sometimes I don’t. I take it as a lesson and move on.

  3. Christine Garcia

    My favorite: Working closing with leadership! It’s important to know what is going on behind the scenes but extremely important to keep it confidential. It helps me with many aspects of my day to day involvement with others.

    1. We are more than pleased with all of our participants in the blog-a-thon this year, D. We really would love to see the momentum stay up after April! As you know, we’ll be here.

  4. Boy – I needed to read this!! I have been and Admin Assistant/Executive Assistant for 30 years. (I started when I was 12 ) 🙂 I have had 6-8 bosses – some great , some ok and some – where I considered leaving the company. I have hung in there and now I have a great boss again – He asks for my thoughts and opinions on things and values them. Which is a reward in itself. I won’t lie – I’m ready to retire as soon as I can – but for now – things are going good.

  5. I really like this article. It offers a whole new perspective on my position. I do wear many hats, have multiple duties, and possess more varied knowledge than most in my department. I feel empowered thinking about how I have a multi-faceted position that is considered to be the “backbone of the department.” I will be thinking of how fortunate I am to have a front row seat on the oversight of the treasury as I’m taking minutes this afternoon. 🙂

  6. I wish it were true about being in the loop, or in the know. I feel that I am the last one to know anything. It’s almost like information behind the scenes–moving someone’s desk, or someone getting a promotion after the fact–is a big secret and telling me is a big no-no. I don’t get it.
    I’m the first one people come to FOR information, but execs don’t disseminate information to me, so I look like a bozo when asked about simple things that everyone knows but me.
    And it’s not for lack of asking to have better communication. I have asked multiple times. They don’t tell me when they leave the office. I look stupid when THEIR supervisor asks where they are and I have no clue. I look at their calendar and it’s blank. They could be out to lunch, with a client, a friend, with another co-worker, dentist appointment. Can’t I even be trusted with THAT information? Is it a secret that you’re going out to lunch? Just check in with me. That’s all I ask.
    Sorry for the vent. Sorry/not sorry.

    1. SK, I’m in the same boat! It’s frustrating when something goes down at work and I’m not told about it. I’m more glorified receptionist than administrative assistant and I generally have no idea what’s going on. I’ve had my exec walk out without warning for several hours. Or I’ll be tasked to do a write-up on a technical process that I have no experience in but no one offers to supply the needed info.
      Makes my life difficult and work un-enjoyable. Thank you for your rant. I’m glad (but sad) someone else understands.

  7. Katherine Margard

    Thanks for introducing the Office Dynamics community to the OfficeNinjas website. This article completely summarizes why I love my job as an administrative professional and the fascinating aspects of working in the C-suite of my company. Although sometimes you get to “see how the sausage is made” (yuck!), the benefits of being in the loop, getting a front row seat to how a business is run and decisions are made is an incredible professional opportunity.

  8. This has hit the nail on the head about what it’s like to be an office Admin and the reason why I love the job!

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