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All courses can be taught virtually or on-site

Achieving ‘Stardom’ At Work And In Your Career Here’s a high-impact, motivational workshop designed to help administrative professionals “reach for the stars” – adding even more value to the workplace and their career potential!
Administrative Excellence- 6 Must-Have Skills For Today’s ‘Inner Circle’ Assistant Advanced management-related skills – especially those requiring forethought and keen insight – are quickly becoming “must-have” job requirements at every administrative level!
Administrative Teams- Best Ways To Foster Teamwork Among Today’s Top Assistants Assistants who form teams typically achieve far more for their employers than if they worked separately. Reason? Synergy – the ability to see the “big picture” and accomplish even more by working together.
Assistants And Executives Working In Partnership™ What does it take for assistants and executives to transform their “team” into a genuine partnership that achieves far more in less time and promotes greater success for shared goals and careers?
Becoming An ‘Inner Circle’ Assistant- 12 Skills Critical To Administrative Success What’s the best way to stay on the cutting edge of administrative excellence? The truth is, there’s no one way! It takes competency in 12 critical skill sets – and a commitment to using them on a daily basis.
Being Positively Assertive For Executive And Administrative Assistants Assertiveness has to do with having an “attitude of confidence.” It is an attitude of self-respect; it is an attitude of respecting other people’s rights. It is an aura of confidence.
Building A Strategic Business Partnership With Your Executive You have heard it a hundred times: You don’t work “for” someone. You work “with” someone. That is the way it should be. Do you truly feel like you are a business partner with your executive? Are you included in the decision-making process?
Career Branding And Creating Your Career Portfolio The Career Portfolio is NOT about job hunting. It is a Professional Journal created to detail how “You, Inc.” has capably and measurably demonstrated professional contributions to your organization and leader’s overall successes.
Communicating With Style, In Style Even the best administrative communicators benefit from this course on critical communication skills for maximizing teamwork, productivity, and workplace effectiveness!
Creative Problem-Solving Techniques For Career Success How can you turn “problems” into “challenges” that people want to solve? This attitude-adjusting workshop can help!
Dynamics Of Successful ‘Star Teams’ It’s a fact: Certain teams “click,” while others don’t. What’s the difference between them, and how can a team be sure to stay on the right track for even greater long-term effectiveness?
Earning ‘Star’ Status – And Your Rightful Place On The Executive Team What’s the best way today’s assistants can prove their worth – earning the recognition and rewards they deserve for outstanding efforts?
Eggs And Attitudes™ Our top-selling session! An enlightening, entertaining program on the benefits of maintaining a positive, productive attitude in the workplace.
Everyday Etiquette- Skills That Enhance Performance And The Bottom Line Keep “business casual” mindsets from eroding the high professional standards that strengthen job performance and the bottom line!
Office Dragons™- Expert Conflict Management Skills for Everyone Conflicts happen in the workplace – but it can be a force for positive change and growth instead of a detriment!
From Chaos To Control™- Productivity Makeovers That Work This program is fantastic for anyone needing a little help with prioritizing and organizing work, or performing duties as efficiently as possible!
Imagine . . . Believe . . . Achieve It’s one thing to envision professional success – and another entirely to set a course of action for achieving your dreams! Proven goal setting techniques can make “career reinvention” seem less daunting and more like easy-to-do steps toward your dream job.
I’m My Own Career Manager When you think “career” as opposed to “job” you are more likely to get serious! After all, “career” suggests involvement and promising rewards.
Juggling Work, Home, And Your Personal Life Forget “work/life balance!” To enjoy even greater satisfaction, today’s goal is to juggle priorities—integrating everything into a single life that’s more productive and meaningful as a result.
Kill Multitasking . . . The Power Of Focus While many people in our society boast about being a great multitasker, there are volumes (and that is putting it mildly) of research on the negative effects of multitasking.
Mastering Exceptional Leadership One BOLD Step At A Time Executive assistants and administrative assistants across the globe feel like they are living in a crazy, frantic world. Learn how to interweave the 5 Pillars of Life into every day, display courage instead of following the crowd, and learn the relevance of staying power.
Maximize The Time And Talents Of Your Assistant Make the most of your administrative staff or your own executive assistant with this highly specialized, advanced program exclusively for executives and managers!
Meeting Planning and Execution Approximately 11 million meetings occur in the U.S. each day. Meetings are essential to an organization’s success yet all experts agree that the main reason meetings are such a waste is because no one really prepares for them and that some may be unnecessary.
Partnering With Management- Must-Have Communication Skills How can you build rapport with your executives? Do you know your communication style and how to interact with other styles?
Professional Integrity and Ethics- Precious Commodities for Today’s BOLD Assistant, created and presented by Lisa Olsen “Success is in the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.” Zig Ziglar
Professional Power- Success-Enhancers For Every Workplace In workplaces where “business casual” is the norm, how can you promote a greater commitment to professionalism – and to increasing profits the “old fashioned” way?
Self-Management vs. Stress Management “Stress management” is an outdated concept. What today’s high achievers want and need are techniques for “self-management!”
Stellar Telephone Skills For Today’s Enterprising Professionals Boost your public image, professionalism, and the bottom line with outstanding telephone skills!
Success Is 90% Attitude Motivate people to achieve their professional and personal best with one of Office Dynamics’ most popular performance-increasing programs!
Thriving On Change A natural reaction to change is fear of the unknown. People would much rather stay in their comfort zones where they feel safe and secure. Change that you initiate, however, can be challenging and rewarding.
Underneath It All- Lifting Administrative Assistants To New Heights Joan Burge gets to the core of what’s ‘Underneath It All’ when it comes to living a life of significance as an administrative professional and individual. In a chaotic world where everything seems urgent and important, Joan has learned through the difficult journey of helping her husband battle pancreatic cancer, what matters most.
Using Problem Solving And Creativity Employees no longer have the luxury of just turning over problems to managers or business owners. Long gone are the days when you could see or hear a problem, tell your manager, go back to your little corner, and wait for the solution.

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